Buried in Paperwork…Sort Of

Many of you maybe aware that Chris Mackowski and I have been working on a few major projects as of late. These projects have given us the opportunity to search repositories high and low, large and small. The two of us have amassed thousands of pieces of paper, as well as over 1,000 books. Thankfully, for my wife, most of these books come in a digital format.

As I was rooting through my external hardrive, I came across a few books that I have aquired pertaining to the Battle of Gettysburg. These books range in publication from 1873-1925. With this being the 149th anniversary of the battle, I thought I would upload a few of them to our site. I hope that you may find them either useful or entertaining. The tour books are particulary amusing. Here you go:

Gettysburg: What to See by John Bachelder

Three Days at Gettysburg by John E. Pitzer

The Peach Orchard by John Bigelow

Gettysburg: Pickett’s Charge and Other War Addresses by James Crocker

Gettysburg: What They Did Here by Luther Minnigh

A Complete Hand-Book of the Monuments and Indications and Guide to the Positions on the Gettysburg Battlefield by J. Howard Wert

About Kristopher D White

Civil War historian.
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