Remembering the Dead: A Walk Through Culpeper National Cemetery

On this Memorial Day I thought that I would share some recent pictures I have taken in Culpeper National Cemetery. Located on the edge of the town of Culpeper, Virginia, the original 10 acres, for the Culpeper National Cemetery, were purchased in 1872, at a cost of $1,400. Interments into the cemetery originally included the fallen of the Battles of Cedar Mountain, Chancellorsville, and numerous other engagements, and hospitals from the Culpeper area.

Today, the cemetery is still active, and is dotted with over 9,000 graves and fives monuments.




IMG_0042The monument of the 7th Ohio Infantry.

IMG_0140Monument of the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry.
IMG_0158Monument to the 28th New York Infantry.

IMG_0080The Pennsylvania State Monument in the Culpeper National Cemetery.

IMG_0118The grave of 1st Lieutenant D. J. V. Martin, CSA.

IMG_0106The monument to the twenty-two officers and men of the 10th Maine Infantry killed at the Battle of Cedar Mountain.

IMG_0161 Sections C and D of Culpeper National Cemetery contain 912 unknown soldiers. Each unknown is represented by a small marker, flush with the ground, and with a number atop the headstone.


About Kristopher D White

Civil War historian.
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One Response to Remembering the Dead: A Walk Through Culpeper National Cemetery

  1. Dale Fishel says:

    There certainly is much sadness related to the loss of so many bright young men and I wonder where those young minds might have taken us as a country had they not been lost in war. But, I also feel a heightened sense of sadness because of the thousands of “Unknown” markers to be found in cemeteries and the weight of that mystery borne by loved ones who never knew what became of their soldier. I imagine a mother by the door of a humble home gazing longingly down a dusty road…wondering…hoping…

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