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Battlefield Markers and Monuments: The Custer Maple

One aspect of battlefield tramping that continues to fascinate historians and visitors alike are witness trees. These unique specimens provide a tangible link to the events of the past. Although it no longer stands, one is commemorated in the town … Continue reading

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Battlefield Markers and Monuments: “To the Workingmen of Manchester”

There was a moment when America’s Civil War resonated across the Atlantic, creating a significant, but momentary impact on the British working class…and creating a monument. “I know and deeply deplore the sufferings which the working-men of Manchester, and in … Continue reading

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Battlefield Markers & Monuments: Johnson Island & McPherson’s Grave

Emerging Civil War welcomes back Frank Jastrzembski to share about a recent trip and his musings on historical graveyard markers. My wife reluctantly agreed to go on another of my weekend cemetery hunts. Only a few weeks before, we had … Continue reading

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Battlefield Markers & Monuments: Colonel Elmer Ellsworth and the Marshall House Hotel Plaque

This relatively small, gold & brown marker is attached to the side of the newly purchased Hotel Monaco*, the latest incarnation of the Marshall House, in Old Town Alexandria, VA. It commemorates the death of James W. Jackson, reading: The … Continue reading

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Monuments Moved at Gettysburg?: The 15th, 19th, and 20th Massachusetts Infantry

By the end of 1863, the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association began to preserve the sacred soil of the Gettysburg battlefield. As time passed, veterans returned to the field in order to dedicate monuments to permanently tell their stories. Some of … Continue reading

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On Monuments, America Must Never Surrender to Confederates, Old or New (conclusion)

part four of four ECW is pleased to welcome guest author Frank J. Scaturro. Frank is president of the Grant Monument Association and the author of President Grant Reconsidered and The Supreme Court’s Retreat from Reconstruction. He is currently writing a book … Continue reading

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Manticores, Myths, and Memory (part three)

(Part three of four) Paul Ashdown and Ed Caudill are co-authors of the latest book in the Engaging the Civil War Series, Imagining Wild Bill: James Butler Hickok in War, Media, and Memory (Southern Illinois University Press). Yesterday, they explained their … Continue reading

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The Civilian Conservation Corps at Petersburg National Battlefield

ECW welcomes back guest author Abbi Smithmyer Petersburg National Battlefield is the site where the longest military event of the American Civil War took place. While the vast majority of the visitors who come to the battlefield seek out stories … Continue reading

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Removal of Confederate Monuments from National Parks?

A reader sent to me yesterday a copy of the proposed 2021 appropriation for the Department of the Interior, which includes the National Park Service, and he called to my attention to an item on pg. 160 of the appropriation: … Continue reading

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Preservation News: Conference on Preservation & Monuments

Oftentimes we think of preservation in the sense of saving battlefield land or preserving an important artifact or archival material. However, perhaps we can also see preservation of markers or monuments as important task. Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation recently hosted … Continue reading

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