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Centennial Wars

Today we are happy to welcome guest author Philip Leigh. Philip received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology, and received his MBA from Northwestern University. He has written 22 articles for the New York Times … Continue reading

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A Cat Man: Mr. Lincoln

There are times when research seems repetitive. Battles, generals, troop movements, the effects of one thing upon another, and on and on. It is an endless stream, and once one dips one’s toes in it, either you want to do … Continue reading

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Grant Takes Command

This weekend marks the 150th Anniversary of Ulysses S. Grant’s promotion to Lieutenant General and designation as Commanding General of the U.S. Army. Often discussed in passing as regards the 1864 campaigns, to contemporary eyes this was a major event in … Continue reading

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In Jumping Broke My Leg: Another Look at the Lincoln Assassination Legend

Today we welcome guest author Cal. J. Schoonover. Cal hail’s from Janesville, WI, where he lives with his son James. Cal is a graduate of The University of Wisconsin, Whitewater; and is currently attending American Military University, where he is … Continue reading

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All the Great Prizes: The Life of John Hay, from Lincoln to Roosevelt by John Taliaferro

In my ongoing search for all things related to John Hay, George Nicolay, and Elmer Ellsworth, I read this book with positive enthusiasm and delight. I think it was written with the same feelings. Taliaferro’s brilliant biography of John Hay … Continue reading

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And before 2013 ends, the #10 book every Civil War Buff Ought To Own . . . Gore Vidal’s Lincoln: A Novel

The main reason this series has taken so long is that I knew there should be a Lincoln biography on the list. Which one, however, is a huge decision. I could go classical with Sandburg’s 3-volume set (referred to as … Continue reading

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Top 15 Posts of 2013—Number 10: Fateful Lightning: Was Sherman’s March To the Sea a War Crime? Part I

You might as well appeal against the thunder-storm as against these terrible hardships of war. They are inevitable, and the only way the people of Atlanta can hope once more to live in peace and quiet at home, is to stop the war, … Continue reading

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“I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day…”—Repost

The following is a post that originally ran on December 13, 2011: The Christmas carol “I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day” was originally a poem. Written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, it was arranged and set to music by John … Continue reading

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A Surfeit of Heroes: Custer At Gettysburg, July 3, 1863 Part I of a 2-part Series

In American history, it is doubtful if any battle has been studied more closely than the battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. Strategy, tactics, weather, politics, communications, personalities, and just plain luck have been written about ad nauseam. The historiography … Continue reading

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A Choice, Not A Meme

There was nothing that Abraham Lincoln loved more than a good joke or humorous anecdote. His favorite author, for daily reading at least, was Charles Farrar Brown, the man who wrote as Artemus Ward. Lincoln loved a good joke, and … Continue reading

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