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Reward for Service

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Jim Taub Firing had been growing in intensity all along the line. The skirmishers of Governeur Warren’s V Corps were hotly engaged with Richard Ewell’s Confederates. The Army of the Potomac … Continue reading

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Civil War Regiments Series—Open Submissions

We are happy to announce that we are accepting open submissions for the re-launch of the Civil War Regiments Series. Currently we are accepting submissions for the following issues: May 2nd at Chancellorsville May 3rd at Chancellorsville Please see our … Continue reading

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The Wounding of Stonewall Jackson

The following is a chapter excerpt from the revamped “Last Days of Stonewall Jackson,” authored by Chris Mackowski and Kristopher D. White. The wounding site of Stonewall Jackson will be one of the stops on the upcoming Emerging Civil War … Continue reading

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Nobody Can Truly Understand the Battle of Gettysburg Without a Solid Understanding of the Battle of Chancellorsville

Although I am best known as a “Gettysburg guy,” I have long been absolutely fascinated by the battle of Chancellorsville. Last month, I spent 2.5 days leading a tour of the sites associated with the Chancellorsville Campaign for several fellows … Continue reading

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Presentations From the 2014 Emerging Civil War Symposium-Kristopher D. White

As we gear up for this years Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge, we wanted to share this presentation from last years ECW Symposium. As you may recall, we were honored to have C-SPAN cover our first major symposium. Below is … Continue reading

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Saving the McLaws Silver

We sometimes forget how much we have depended on the last 150 years to ensure our Civil War heritage is here for us to enjoy and study. Myriad causes have removed pages from the Civil War story. The Second World War wiped … Continue reading

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For Want of Safe Evacuation

While working on my thesis recently, I was reading Medical Recollections of the Army of the Potomac by Dr. Letterman. He offered a brief note about the wounding of Stonewall Jackson at the battle of Chancellorsville:

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May 1 in Chancellorsville

It’s May 1 in Chancellorsville, and there’s a boom of color in my front yard. The azaleas have burst open in pink and white, and there’s something else mixed in there—something magenta—I don’t recognize. The flowering dogwoods have inviting white … Continue reading

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ECW Series is Ready to “Fight Like the Devil”

by ECW Correspondent Pat Tintle The Emerging Civil War Series has covered many key battles in the Civil War, but now the series is tackling the most significant—and well-known—battle between the two American armies. Fight Like the Devil: The First … Continue reading

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The Downfall of a Federal Corps Commander: Warren-Sheridan and the Five Forks Controversy: Part Two

Part Two in a Series. It was actually an amazing feat that Gouverneur K. Warren still retained a corps command at the start of 1865. His wartime record was solid, but far from stellar. As I mentioned earlier, Warren was … Continue reading

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