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Review: “The Man Who Would Not Be Washington” by Jonathan Horn

Born less than 10 miles apart and tied to another famous Virginian by martial, marital, and through his mother, Robert E. Lee grew up under and with the specter of George Washington.

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Lincoln Defines America

A century and a half ago today, Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated for a second term as President of the United States. He then took the podium and gave his second inaugural address, the words of which are immortalized on the Lincoln … Continue reading

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Towards a Respectable Army

One of the enduring myths of the Revolution is that the Americans won by using superior tactics, using cover and concealment while the British fought in lines. Yet in reality, the Americans found that they had to create an army … Continue reading

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George Washington Remembers

Today, we are pleased to welcome guest author Bert Dunkerly. General George Washington looks back at us from marble statues or stiff paintings with a grim-faced and determined look. Known for his dignity, resolve, and sound leadership, he seems cold … Continue reading

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Westmoreland’s Other Confederate General

Part two in the series “Tales From the Tombstone” In Westmoreland County on the historic Northern Neck of Virginia boasts of being the birthplace of a few famous persons in American history. George Washington, James Monroe, Richard Henry Lee, and the … Continue reading

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The Season of Battles: Perspectives on the 1863 Campaigns

This year marks the 150th Anniversaries of some of the Civil War’s most iconic engagements. The sesquicentennial of Chancellorsville and Stonewall Jackson’s death has just passed, while the Vicksburg and Gettysburg commemorations are in the future, followed by Chickamauga. Yet … Continue reading

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150 Years Ago Today…

On Februrary 22, 1862, Jefferson Davis gave his inauguration address in front of George Washington’s statue on the grounds of the Virginia State Capitol. The year before he was elected provisional president of the Confederate States of American in Montgomery, … Continue reading

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