Week of October 3-7 in Review and Upcoming

We have just finished another busy week at Emerging Civil War and are looking forward to another.

Irish Brigade Monument, Fredericksburg Virginia.

This week we added Kathleen Logothetis as a full-time author to the site. Kathleen wrote a great piece on “Slavery? States Rights? Secession.” Welcome, Kathleen—we are looking forward to more.

Steward Henderson wrote a two-part series on the United States Colored Troops and their role in the war as a whole.

Daniel Davis strolled along Boatswain’s Creek, a great out-of-the-way unit at Richmond National Battlefield Park.

Zac Cowsert introduced us to young David O Dodd. Dodd was hanged as a Confederate spy in Arkansas.

Chris Mackowski posted the second part of his Stonewall Jackson series. This post explored Jackson and Gettysburg and why there is no reason to dwell on the question of what the general would or would not have done at Gettysburg.

Kristopher White finished his Bombardment and Looting of Fredericksburg series with two posts.

We also got a behind-the-scenes look at Savas Beatie publishing house.

Upcoming Articles:

This week we will see a series on David Blight’s book Race and Reunion. This series will bring together a number of our authors posting their thoughts on one of the most influential works of the last ten years.

We will see a post on the overlooked role of the 5th Corps at Gettysburg.

In advance of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Ball’s Bluff, we have several pieces on the way.

In the next few weeks, we have articles on one of the worst civilian disasters of the war, the explosion at the Allegheny Arsenal.

Meg Thompson has a great post on embalming in the Civil War.

We also have a new guest author working on some posts concerning the life and roles of civilians in the Shenandoah Valley.

Upcoming Presentations:

Kristopher White is teaching a class over the next three weeks on Little Round Top, Devil’s Den, and the Valley of Death, at the Penn Trafford Recreation Board.

Phil Greenwalt will speak at the California University of Pennsylvania Roundtable   on October 20th. Phil will be covering“Orphans of the East: George ‘Maryland’ Steuart and Maryland Confederates.”

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  1. Meg Thompson says:

    Ever since getting this morning’s post about Race & Reunion, I have been thinking about the idea of several writers reading a specific book, then giving their individual takes. You guys are building an incredible community here. Each writer is building a body of work, and each individual voice is becoming clearer. I think it would be a great idea to present several books a year, let your writers sort of sign up for them, get them, read them, then start a dialogue. Or something like that. Anyway, thanks for letting me be a small part of this endeavor. Huzzah!

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