May-June Presentations

Daniel Davis, Chris Mackowski and Kristopher White at the Stevenson Ridge Civil War Symposium (VA) 

2nd-5th: Chris Mackowski and Kristopher White at the Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitor Center. (Chris and Kris will be available for signings throughout each day as they volunteer their services for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Chancellorsville)

8th: Kristopher White at the Central Ohio Civil War Roundtable (OH)

13th: Daniel Davis at the Western North Carolina Civil War Roundtable (NC)

15th: Daniel Davis, “The Most Desperate Acts of Gallantry: George Custer as a Staff Officer,” at the General William Tecumseh Sherman Memorial Civil War Roundtable, Sherman House Museum, Lancaster (OH)

15th: Kristopher White, “And Then the Circus Commenced: The Third Day at Chancellorsville,” at the Western Pennsylvania Civil War Roundtable (PA)

17th-19th: Chris Mackowski and Kristopher White at the Chambersburg Civil War Seminars & Tours (VA)

4th: Kristopher White at the Ohio County Library, Wheeling West Virginia (WV)

Chris Mackowski, Rhode Island Civil War Round Table (Providence, RI)

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