March-April Presentations


9th: Chris Kolakowski, “New York City’s Civil War,” Montgomery County Civil War Roundtable, Montgomery County, MD

10th-11th: Dave Powell, Chickamauga Study Group Annual Tour, “Resaca and Chickamauga,” Chickamauga National Park

15th: Chris Kolakowski, “Civil War Echoes in World War I/World War II,” Norfolk County Greys SCV, Virginia Beach, VA

16th: Chris Kolakowski, “1864: Decision at Sea,” Franklin SCV, Franklin, VA

16th: Bert Dunkerly, “The Seven Days: Savages Station to Malvern Hill,” Chesapeake Civil War Round Table (MD)

18th: Second Bi-Annual Civil War Symposium at the Carnegie Library & Music Hall, Carnegie, PA. Featuring:

Dr. Julie Mujic– The Household War: An Examination of the Significance of the Household to the Fortunes of the Battlefield.
Daniel Welch– A Fitting Tribute: Memorial Tributes to Abraham Lincoln
Kristopher D. White– The Cresting Tide: A Reassessment of Lee’s Leadership from the Seven Days to Chancellorsville.
Eric J. Wittenberg– “Out Flew the Sabres”: The Battle of Brandy Station, June 9, 1863.


1st: Edward Alexander, Walking Tour of the Breakthrough Battlefield Commemorating 152nd Anniversary, Pamplin Historical Park, Petersburg, VA

7th: Dave Powell, “Chickamauga: Barren Victory?” Kenosha Civil War Museum, Kenosha, WI

7th – 9th: Chris Kolakowski, “MacArthur the Military Leader,” Chambersburg Seminar, Chambersburg, PA

10th: Sarah Kay Bierle, “To Save Lives: Civil War Medicine,” Temecula Valley Genealogy Society, Temecula, CA

11th: Dave Powell, “The Tullahoma Campaign,” McHenry County Civil War Roundtable, Woodstock, IL

13th: Phill Greenwalt, “A Nation Torn & A State Divided: Maryland in the First Two Years of the War,” Montgomery County Civil War Round Table, MD

20th: Chris Kolakowski, “Last Stand on Bataan,” National D-Day Memorial

20th: Chris Kolakowski “Echoes of Appomattox on Bataan,” Appomattox National Historical Society

22nd: Chris Mackowski, “Grant’s Closing Chapter in the West,” Liberty University Civil War Conference, Lynchburg, VA

27th: Dave Powell, “The Tullahoma Campaign,” Hagerstown Civil War Roundtable, Hagerstown, MD

28th: Chris Mackowski, “Grant’s Closing Chapter in the West,” Buffalo (NY) Civil War Roundtable

30th: Chris Mackowski, Tour of Mine Run, Central Virginia Battlefields Trust

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