Nathan Provost

40Nathan Provost grew up with a deep-rooted interest in military history since his grandfather, Dr. Richard Provost, gave him many books on warfare and history as a child. He remembers going out and exploring Ulysses Grant’s headquarters in Florida, Missouri.

Nate was fortunate enough to travel and explore eleven countries outside the United States and studied in Istanbul, Turkey, while working on his undergraduate degree. Initially, Nate went to graduate school to study the Napoleonic Wars but found himself with a master’s degree in teaching from the University of Central Missouri. Now, he teaches U.S. History at Crossroads Preparatory Academy in Kansas City, Missouri. His wife provides constant support and encouragement as he continues writing for various entities such as the Emerging Civil War.

Nate is also a doctoral student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. His dissertation topic covers the Battle of Cold Harbor and its complex outcome. Nate is under the direction of Civil War historian Dr. Steven Woodworth. In his spare time, Nate enjoys touring battlefields and reading all he can on North and South America’s military history. He is working towards publishing books related to the military career of Ulysses Grant and becoming a professor.