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In (Somewhat of a) Defense of Franz Sigel

ECW welcomes back guest author Jarred Marlowe The Battle of New Market in May 1864 is considered one of the more famous secondary battles of the American Civil War. Though written and talked about more than other battles of far more size and consequence, two prevailing conclusions are often drawn from the battle. The first […]


Gone With The Wind: Some Thoughts (Part 4)

Part of a Series There are several ladies that I know who love Gone With The Wind. When I spent about a year researching the author, the novel, and the movie, I chatted with these women about why they liked Gone With The Wind so much, and I started noticing some trends. First, they thought […]


“Holding His Command”: Colonel Nelson Miles at Chancellorsville

Yesterday, I sorted through the official records’ order of battle lists and tweeted about it. I posted a photo of a portion of the list and asked followers if they could identify which battle I was working on from the picture. It showed Darius Couch as the commander of the Union II Corps and listed […]