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Hits of the Sixties!

Now that Sherman is marching through Georgia, albeit retroactively, I thought it time to discuss a little ditty that is guaranteed to make Confederate blood boil: Henry Clay Work’s Marching Thru’ Georgia. This song is still so inflammatory that the … Continue reading

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“The Very Essence of Nightmare”—The Battle of Plymouth, NC, and the Destruction of the CSS Albemarle, pt. II

We’re pleased today to welcome back guest author Sam Smith part two in a series The battle of Plymouth was particularly savage. The Confederate brigades were composed of tough veterans, the men having seen combat in places like the West … Continue reading

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Shaping Chancellorsville: Cementing the Story

Part eight of a series The area on the Chancellorsville battlefield known as Fairview was a central point of action during the fighting on May 3. Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park (FSNMP) already owned much of the land there … Continue reading

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Lee’s HQ at Gettysburg, 151 Years Ago

Earlier this week, in conjunction with the 151st anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, the Civil War Trust announced a $5.5 million fund-raising effort to acquire Lee’s Headquarters, located on the July 1 battlefield. Visitors today know the property as … Continue reading

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A Little Poetry

Sometimes in the middle of all the carnage, a little poetry helps to clear one’s vision. After all, the American Civil War was about some pretty defining things, a few of which are still undergoing examination.

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“These poor girls died stainlessly in the midst of youth and beauty”: The Washington Arsenal Explosion

We are pleased today to welcome back guest author Ryan Quint. In the midst of the 150th Anniversaries of the Overland Campaign, the road to Atlanta, and the opening shots of Petersburg, it is easy to overlook other events that … Continue reading

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“Winnie Davis: Daughter of the Lost Cause” by Heath Hardage Lee

Varina Anne Davis, called “Winnie,” was born in the Confederate White House in June, 1864. She instantly became the symbol of hope for the entire Confederate nation. Author and southern women’s history writer Heath Hardage Lee, also born in Richmond, has … Continue reading

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An Excerpt from “No Turning Back”

Today, to follow part of the Federal march south, we’re pleased to bring you excerpts from No Turning Back: A Guide to the 1864 Overland Campaign by Robert M. Dunkerly, Donald C. Pfanz, and David R. Ruth. Stop 26: The … Continue reading

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Resaca the cat at Resaca the battle

It’s interesting what sometimes happens in battles–in the middle of a holocaust of death and destruction, an event of extreme contradiction occurs. At Resaca, one of those events occurred. As the gunners of Cobb’s Kentucky Battery worked feverishly to pour … Continue reading

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Snake Creek Gap, 150 Years Later

150 years ago, a little boy was enjoying a spring morning when soon his brother came riding to the family home, exclaiming that the Yankees were just over the hill and headed toward the family farm, which lay along the … Continue reading

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