Speakers Schedule



24th: Dave Powell, “Grant at Chattanooga,” South Suburban Civil War Round Table (Frankfurt, IL)

29th: David Dixon, “Radical Warrior,” Auglaize County (OH) Historical Society  (virtual)


8th: David Dixon, “Radical Warrior,” CWRT Congress Speaker Series (virtual)

10th, Derek Maxfield, “Reordering their World: Victorians and the Gilded Age,” Morgan-Manning House in Brockport, NY (It is free and open to the public, but only the first 50 guests to register will be able to attend this outdoor presentation. Those interested in registering should contact the Morgan-Manning House at 585-637-3645.)

15th: Dave Powell, “Grant at Chattanooga,” Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce (virtual)

20th: David Dixon, “Radical Warrior,” Twin Cities CWRT (virtual)

21st: David Dixon, “Radical Warrior,” Civil War Talk Radio

22nd: Chris Mackowski, “Grant’s Last Battle,” Hagerstown (MD) Civil War Round Table

24th: Chris Mackowski, “Upton’s Attack at Spotsylvania,” Chambersburg Civil War Seminar

27th: David Dixon, “Radical Warrior,” Pasadena CWRT


10th: Chris Mackowski, Second-Guessing Richard Ewell at Gettysburg, Brunswick (NC) Civil War Roundtable

12th: Dave Powell, “Union command failure in the Shenandoah,” Madison (WI) Civil War Round Table

14th: Chris Mackowski and Bert Dunkerly, North Anna Facebook Live, Richmond National Battlefield Park


14th: Jon-Erik Gilot, “The Western Virginia Campaign of 1861,” Mahoning Valley Civil War Roundtable, Canfield, OH



9th: Jon-Erik Gilot, “Middle Fork Bridge and the Road to Rich Mountain,” Stonewall Jackson Civil War Roundtable, Clarksburg, WV

March 18: Chris Mackowski, “The Great Battle Never Fought: The Mine Run Campaign,” Hampton Roads CWRT


8th: Chris Mackowski, Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable, Seattle, WA

22nd: Jon-Erik Gilot, “The Battle of Philippi,” Hagerstown Civil War Roundtable, Hagerstown, MD


20th: Chris Mackowski, Hershey (PA) Civil War Roundtable


28th: Chris Mackowski, Williamsburg (VA) Civil War Roundtable


23rd: Chris Mackowski, Bus tour of Fredericksburg, Harrisburg and Hershey Civil War Roundtables


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