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Upcoming Presentations: March and April 2015

March: 3rd: Kristopher D. White, “The Beginning of the End: The Civil War in 1865″, Wheeling WV, 7th: Kristopher D. White and Bert Dunkerly “The Closing Stages of the Civil War,” Andrew Carnegie Civil War Symposium at the Andrew … Continue reading

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Onward from Columbia: Experiences of Union Soldiers in Sherman’s Armies

Writing after the end of the war, Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman wrote that his armies left Columbia South Carolina “utterly ruined”. Resuming their march, Sherman wrote “the right wing began its march northward, towards Winnsboro, on the 20th, which … Continue reading

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I Got Them Master’s Degree Reconstruction Blues!

It is one thing to be a Civil War buff, and another to get a Master’s degree in Military History. When I decided to write a biography of Elmer Ellsworth, I envisioned the inside flap of the book jacket. I … Continue reading

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“…and if they mean to have a war, let it begin here” ?? —The Real Words of Captain John Parker

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to the events in Boston leading up to the American Revolution. The History program called “Sons of Liberty” brought a modern “spin” to the historic events of 1775. Though this will not … Continue reading

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Committees of Correspondence = 18th Century Social Media?

Information. Communication. Solidarity. Linkage. Friendship. Point-of-view. Identity. Current Events. These words describe reasons in the 20th century why people joined and continue to join social media platforms, especially Facebook. Approximately 240 years before Facebook was launched in February 2004, the first major … Continue reading

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Announcing Revolutionary War Wednesdays!

  History can resemble the peeling of an onion. There are multiple layers, each one resting on top of each other and, when peeled back, can provoke an emotion—anger, happiness, empathy, or a score of others. Like an onion, that … Continue reading

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Special Announcement: Keynote Speaker for Second Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium

We are pleased to announce our Keynote Speaker for the Second Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium, Dana B. Shoaf. As the Symposium will focus on Civil War Legacies, Dana will present Give Them the Cold Steel (or not): A Military … Continue reading

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Emerging Civil War Welcomes Dan Welch

Emerging Civil War is pleased to announce the addition of Daniel Welch to our line-up of regular contributors. You’ve probably been following Dan’s posts on the letters of surgeon William Child, writing home during the last months of 1864 and … Continue reading

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DATE CHANGE: Emerging Civil War Symposium 2015

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Emerging Civil War has had to change the date of our 2015 symposium. Please mark your calendar: The Second Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge will be held August 7-9, 2015. Our keynote … Continue reading

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Preview of Trouble to Come: Secretary of War Edwin Stanton Visits Sherman in Savannah

Despite his Brother Sen. John Sherman’s assurance that Sec. of War Edwin Stanton was “your fast friend, and was when you had fewer,” Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman was unsettled by Stanton’s unannounced visit to Savannah in January, 1865. With his … Continue reading

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