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Walking the Exposed Federal Line at Reams Station

Key to the Union failure at Reams Station is the poor tactical position they assumed around the tracks of the Weldon Railroad. This morning’s piece by Ryan Quint explores the previous exhaustive campaigning experienced by the Second Corps of the … Continue reading

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“A Hideous Dream”: The Federal Second Corps at the Second Battle of Ream’s Station

In the wake of the fighting around Globe Tavern, the Federal high command looked to expand on its success. The Weldon Railroad was firmly under the control of Warren’s Fifth Corps, but now George Meade wanted to negate the railroad … Continue reading

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Slow Business at the “Fruit and Oyster House”

Some of the best images of the American Civil War can be found in the long campaign around the city of Petersburg. Teams of photographers swooped over the battlefield to document the story, capturing impressive shots of the massive fortifications and … Continue reading

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Happy Third Birthday to ECW!

While we have spent most of our attention the past few days on the Emerging Civil War at Stevenson Ridge, this past weekend offered other good news for us here at ECW: It marked Emerging Civil War’s third birthday. It was three years … Continue reading

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Empathy for the Enemy

While researching this week at the University of Virginia I found a highly valuable resource in the letters of Adjutant Joseph Tatnall Lea, who served on the staff of Colonel Regis de Trobriand in the Autumn of 1863. Lea wrote … Continue reading

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Exciting Symposium Update!

All of us at Emerging Civil War are excited to announce that C-SPAN will be filming the Saturday session of the First Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge. C-SPAN will be filming live to tape, meaning that they … Continue reading

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A Tasty Legacy

Working as park ranger allows me to intimately experience the battlefield in unique ways. While clearing a section of the main line of Confederate fortifications southwest of Petersburg I stumbled upon a patch of blackberries growing in the trench–the most off-limits … Continue reading

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A Union Catastrophe by the Name of Red River

While the spring of 1864 marked the launch of a Union overland campaign in Virginia, it also signified a Federal disaster in the West. For three long months, the North had tried to take control of the Red River in … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: July 28, 2014

Historians have given much attention to the decision to replace Joseph Johnston with John Bell Hood, but little attention is given to the Federal command change that happens at the same time. When Army of the Tennessee commander James McPherson is killed, several … Continue reading

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Hood’s New Army

John Bell Hood took command of the Army of Tennessee with a clear mandate (really an almost imperative directive) to wage offensive war against the Federals before Atlanta. Most discussions of his appointment tend to stop there, but fail to … Continue reading

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