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Class of 1842

When reading a biography of a Civil War general officer, the usual biographical sketch is: West Point Military Academy educated, Mexican War experience, volunteer organization command in early stages of the war, and then the rise through the general officer ranks. … Continue reading

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Stonewall’s Birthday

I hear the sound of furniture sliding across the living room carpet, but it stops in time for my daughter to hear my footsteps coming down the hallway from the kitchen. “Don’t come in yet!” Steph pleads. “What are you … Continue reading

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The Art of Hiding Personal Effects, Part Two: Valuables

The physical trauma Sherman and his troops forced upon the Southern countryside riddles letters and diaries, and the psychological trauma is still evident in the resentment passed down between generations. The chaos of unorganized Union foraging parties followed a pattern … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: January 19, 2015

This week’s question actually comes from ECW’s business officer, Jennifer Mackowski. Pondering some of the discussions and controversies that have swirled around Virginia this past weekend in relation to Lee-Jackson Day and Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, she asks: What … Continue reading

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What Are We Remembering at Gettysburg’s Remembrance Day?

For the past decade I have either participated in and or viewed Gettysburg’s annual Remembrance Day Parade.  To honor President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and those that gave their “last full measure of devotion,” Gettysburg has two different, annual events.  Commemorating … Continue reading

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Searching for Frank Krug (part one)

Today, we’re pleased to offer the first of a two-part guest post by Tom Schobert. Tom is the president of the Buffalo (NY) Civil War Roundtable. A retired healthcare administrator, Tom is life-long student of the Civl War and has been a reenactor for … Continue reading

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Christmas in Savannah: A Letter from Major Henry Hitchcock

On Christmas Eve, 1864, Major Henry Hitchcock, an officer serving on Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman’s staff, took a moment late in the evening to begin writing a letter home to his family. Hitchcock  did not finish it until a few days later, as … Continue reading

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Christmas 1864: Reminiscence at the Confederate White House

The Christmas of 1864 was a grim holiday season for the Confederacy, with Nashville, Atlanta, and Savannah under Union control, Southern railroads destroyed, and the Confederate army retreating. Sherman’s March to the Sea left Georgia residents with little to be … Continue reading

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A Distant Confederate Christmas

Today, we are pleased to welcome guest author Dwight Hughes. The CSS Shenandoah, the most remote and loneliest outpost of the beleaguered Confederacy, surged around the Cape of Good Hope and into the Indian Ocean about equidistant between Madagascar to … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Uncle Billy

150 years ago today, following his march across Georgia, Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman wrote the following note: Savannah, Georgia, December 22, 1864 To His Excellency, President Lincoln, Washington, D.C. I beg to present to you as a Christmas-gift, the … Continue reading

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