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What Did the War Cost?

For the last few weeks, I have been serving a detail to Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park as a park historian. After a walking tour of the Sunken Road on the Fredericksburg Battlefield, I received the following question: “What … Continue reading

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Rituals and Remembrance at Spotsy

If John Sedgwick were alive today, he’d say, “See? I told you they couldn’t hit elephant at that distance!” He’d also probably say, “Gosh, I’m really old.” So old, in fact, that he’d barely have the strength to speak, so … Continue reading

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Black Confederates

Today we are pleased to welcome back guest author Sam Smith The Civil War was a fiery prism at the center of American society. Every life entered the prism at its own angle and was refracted in its own way. … Continue reading

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A Heart-Breaking Newspaper Ad

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Interpretation vs Stewardship: A Conundrum at the Jackson Shrine

Death Day at the Stonewall Jackson Shrine—May 10—always brings out some colorful characters, which is one of the reasons I enjoy working there so much on the anniversary of Jackson’s death. This year it was no different. A fellow showed … Continue reading

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The Real War that Never Got into the Books: Operations North of the James River, July-October 1864

Today, we are pleased to welcome guest author Jimmy Price Part One in a Series. What if I was to tell you that a series of desperate battles was fought on the footsteps of the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia? … Continue reading

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Appomattox and Bennett Place: A Remarkable Contrast

I had the honor and privilege of attending and participating in a portion of the weeklong commemoration sof the surrenders at Bennett Place on April 18, 2015, the 150th anniversary of the signing of the initial peace treaty by Maj. … Continue reading

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Events Larger Than One Person: The Surrenders at Bennett Place, Durham, North Carolina

Conclusion. Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, ever the good soldier, obeyed Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant’s order. He informed his adversary, Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, that the civil authorities in Washington, D. C. had rejected their treaty on the grounds … Continue reading

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Seldom Has This Community Been Universally Shocked: New Jersey Newspapers React to the Passing of George McClellan

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author William Griffith. This past December, for my twenty-third birthday, I did what any normal person my age would do – or at least I tell myself this – and made a … Continue reading

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Just You Wait

It can be hard when researching primary sources from the American Civil War to separate ourselves from the big-picture understanding that we have of the momentous struggle. We know the final outcome and the logical pattern that led to the … Continue reading

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