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O Captain! My Captain!

There are many excellent reasons why Walt Whitman is considered the poet laureate of the American Civil War. His poetic style is much closer to that of the 20th century’s free verse rather than the labored rhyme schemes so popular … Continue reading

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Mourning Keepsakes

Mourning jewelry and other similar keepsakes became popular objects created and worn to honor a loved one or a person of importance. Queen Victoria unknowingly propagated the trend upon the death of her husband, Prince Albert, in 1861. In the … Continue reading

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James A. Garfield Remembers Abraham Lincoln

 On April 14, 1866, Ohio Representative James A. Garfield stood and used the occasion of the first anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination to eulogize the late president. Though he had only been in office little more than three years, Garfield’s eulogy … Continue reading

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Reactions to Lincoln’s Death

Six days after the surrender of Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln while at Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC.  Almost immediately, a word of mouth network began diffusing throughout the city. As news … Continue reading

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John Wilkes Booth and the Legacy of Reconstruction

How sorely we miss Abraham Lincoln—yet I often wonder whether we realize just how much. A shrewd politician, Lincoln successfully navigated the complicated political waters of Washington for more than four years, somehow cobbling together a coalition to maintain support … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s Last Day at the Front

Abraham Lincoln fittingly spent the tail end of the Petersburg Campaign at the front, docked in the River Queen offshore from the Federal headquarters at City Point. He met with important generals to discuss strategy, reviewed Union troops and their Confederate … Continue reading

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“It seemed a cruel fate for one so deserving to share in his country’s joy”: The Death of Hiram Clark at Appomattox

The Civil War in Virginia was in its closing moments. As Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia tried its last desperate attempts to break through the ever-tightening Federal cordon, the last men died.

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World on Fire

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Dwight Hughes. This post is based on a forthcoming book on the CSS Shenandoah. In the cool dusk of Sunday, 2 April 1865, Abraham Lincoln sat with Rear Admiral David Porter … Continue reading

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“The best dispatch you can show me”: Lincoln Reviews the Fort Stedman Prisoners

“The time had arrived when all, from Generals Grant and Meade to those of the rank and file, were conscious that the final struggle was near,” claimed a Vermont soldier in late March 1865. The Union noose around Petersburg slowly … Continue reading

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Williamsburg’s Dividing Line

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Drew Gruber. As Rockefeller’s team began the great restoration of Williamsburg to its appearance in the colonial era, most of the town’s newer structures were razed. However, 88 original 18th century … Continue reading

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