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Emerging Civil War Tour!

All of us at Emerging Civil war are proud to announce that we have finalized plans for our first ever bus tour! Our tour will take place May 5th, 2012. Join Emerging Civil War historians Daniel Davis, Phil Greenwalt, Chris … Continue reading

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Death, Dying, and Murder?

In recent weeks, fellow ECW authors have posted about the death totals in the American Civil War and the Disease of two Regiments. Now a blog post about murder! Not to harp on a morbid theme, but the history Destiny … Continue reading

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Custer Monument at Hunterstown

The George Custer monument at Hunterstown, Pennsylvania. Located just a few miles east of Gettysburg, it was here on July 2, 1863 that Custer would lead Company A, 6th Michigan Cavalry against the Cobb Legion. It was his first charge … Continue reading

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Resting in Peace

Going through some photos of a recent trip to Arlington National Cemetery, I came across the two above that I snapped of the obelisk that marks the grave of Joseph Wheeler. He served as a general in both the American … Continue reading

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The Land of Lincoln and the Defense of the Icon

The Lincoln Memorial looked like frost tonight. The flurry that had blanketed the lawn white earlier in the day had been glazed with rain and then turned to ice, so the whole landscape shimmered under the Memorial’s lights.

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Rethinking the Civil War Dead

It seems particularly topical as the United States commemorates the Civil War sesquicentennial that one of the most steady and recognizably tragic numbers in American history – 620,000 – has been called into question, and perhaps invalidated.  Although historians have … Continue reading

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The Crux of It

I saw this inscription today at the Lincoln Memorial, on one of the displays in the exhibit space beneath the memorial. I think it pretty much gets to the crux of the matter:

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Thomas’s Travels to Hallowed Ground a ho-hum travel partner

“Historian travels to battlefields and writes about his experiences.” Sounds right up my alley. After all, I do a lot of that for Emerging Civil War, and my dissertation is going to take me in that direction, so it’s always … Continue reading

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The “Many Causes” of the Civil War: Slavery

“How many of you think the war was about slavery?” I asked. Not a hand went up. There were twenty-ish high school juniors in the class, a college-level survey course on American history offered by a local community college. They’d … Continue reading

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Jackson’s Arm and the Occupy Movement

A mythos is a set of beliefs or assumptions about something, and every hero needs to be surrounded by one. Confederate General Thomas Jackson has probably one of the best mythos anywhere, from eating lemons to last words. Did he … Continue reading

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