David A. Powell

PowellMugshot-smDavid A. Powell is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute (1983) with a BA in history. He has published numerous articles in various magazines, and more than fifteen historical simulations of different battles.

For the past decade, David’s focus has been on the epic battle of Chickamauga, and he is nationally recognized for his tours of that important battlefield. The result of that study are the volumes, The Maps of Chickamauga (2009), Failure in the Saddle (2010), and the three volumes of a Chickamauga trilogy. The Chickamauga Campaign: A Mad Irregular Battle was published in 2014, The Chickamauga Campaign: Glory or the Grave appeared in 2015; and the final volume, The Chickamauga Campaign: Barren Victory, was published in 2016.

David and his wife Anne live and work in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. He is Vice President of Airsped, Inc., a specialized delivery firm.


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3 Responses to David A. Powell

  1. William Weldon says:

    I am Looking for the complete Davis map used by David Powell in the Capture of Jefferson Davis article.

  2. David Lady says:

    Mr. Powell, you recently published a ECW blog entry Longstreet in the West: Conclusions. The blog post appears in my mail, but the article itself cannot be accessed either using computer or I-phone app. I have found your series of articles fascinating, and am anxious to read your conclusions.

    Can you resend or have the ECW IT person fix the blog post?

    Thank you

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