Edward S. Alexander

EdAlexanderEdward S. Alexander has been a contributing member of Emerging Civil War since 2013. He additionally works as a cartographer under the business Make Me a Map, LLC. His first book, Dawn of Victory: Breakthrough at Petersburg, was published in 2015. He has worked as a park ranger and historian at Richmond National Battlefield Park and Pamplin Historical Park and currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.


  • Dawn of Victory: Breakthrough at Petersburg, March 25-April 2, 1865. Savas Beatie, 2015.
  • “Life of the Civil War Soldier in Battle.” Hallowed Ground. Winter 2013.

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hey! I was at the park today 3-14-14 with the Magellan charter school. You were doing the rifles with the 9 steps and I’ve been trying to find out the person you were working with because we have to write a letter or something. Could you give me his name? (Tall blonde blue eyes)

  3. JulietA says:

    Hey!:) today I went to pamplain 4-3-14 and he was awesome and funny. He taught me a lot about the war and all the slaves. I hope I come agai 😀

  4. Neil Hockaday says:

    Edward, will you be doing another last ride with AP Hill in the future. I am 47 years old, and live in North Carolina, and have done a ton of independent research on the civil war, and especially AP Hill, for many years. I have been to the spot where he was killed, and have also been to Pamplin Park a couple times over the years. I was a history major in college many years ago, and have always loved studying the civil war. By the way, I live only 15 minutes form Bentonville Battleground. If you ever do that last ride of AP Hill again, I would absolutely love to be there and learn more about my favorite General. Please let me know.
    Thanks! Neil Hockaday , Four Oaks, NC nhockaday@bsnsports.com

  5. Alexander,

    I just viewed your August 6, 2016 C-SPAN-3 lecture, regarding the battle at Petersburg. Ho delightful! The minute of detail, along with the historical “facts” of the battle were revelatory and amazing, for both the “accidental” and strategic ending.

    I would certainly enjoy further exchanges; as a resident of the Land of Lincoln, with an especial interest in Grant.

    Nevertheless, how enjoyable was your lecture, how masterfully you presented!

    Jeffrey Liddy

  6. Don Abel says:

    Exceptional presentation on the breakthrough. Just watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it and the rest of the speakers at the symposium. This reminded me that I was at Pamplin about a year ago and bought Edward’s book and was fortunate enough to share a friendly conversation with him and get him to autograph my copy.

    I really enjoyed the computer graphics displaying troop movements at various times and places. Is software like this available anywhere on various battles?

    Thanks guys. great job!

  7. John Kaye says:

    How can I obtain copies of the exceptional maps used by Alexander during his presentation on

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