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ECW Weekender: Battles of Mesilla

Sometimes juxtapositions grab our attention and draw us to see connections. On a recent trip to New Mexico to visit family, my thoughts turned to the Confederate invasion of what was then the Arizona Territory. Living close to the Confederate … Continue reading

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Battlefield Markers & Monuments: Yorktown Monument – A Victim of Another War

It was early in the war, in the spring of 1862 when the armies converged on Yorktown, Virginia.  The fact that many had not yet seen combat and been hardened to the realities of war, combined with the surge of … Continue reading

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Lost Opportunities in the Army of the Potomac—A Pair of Examples

Army management is a complicated skill in which the personality and temperament of commanders influence the inner workings and culture of the organization. The Union had no army which was as political, and influenced by outside politics, as its primary … Continue reading

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The Siege of Suffolk (part two)

(Part two of two. Click here for part one.) The action at Suffolk was one of those side operations of which there were dozens during the war in all theaters. Unfortunately, this engagement has been overshadowed by that at Chancellorsville, … Continue reading

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The Siege of Suffolk (part one)

(part one of two) Many of us know that the Civil War involved both large and small campaigns. There are the main theaters: Eastern, Western, Trans-Mississippi. We may also consider sub theaters such as the Carolina coast or Mississippi Valley … Continue reading

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A Quiet Corner of the War

I recently had the chance to spend some time in Montgomery County, Maryland, just east of Washington, DC. I’m usually driving through on my way somewhere, so have never explored the area’s history very much. This particular day I was … Continue reading

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Confederate Culture Wars: Bert Dunkerly

This week, ECW historians are offering their thoughts and reactions to recent events related to Confederate memory. First up: Bert Dunkerly While many historians saw the April event at Appomattox as the end of the Civil War Sesquicentennial, and quietly … Continue reading

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Cavalry Action at Painesville: 150 Years Ago

The little known engagement at the small community of Painesville illustrates well the chaotic and confused fighting of the Appomattox Campaign. During the six-day campaign, battles and skirmishes occurred every day. It was a complex campaign, with many moving parts, … Continue reading

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Cowpens: Defense in Depth

  On a cold January morning 234 years ago, one of the most stunning events in American military history took place in a cattle pasture.   Cowpens, South Carolina, was an overwhelming American victory, at a time when one was desperately … Continue reading

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Towards a Respectable Army

One of the enduring myths of the Revolution is that the Americans won by using superior tactics, using cover and concealment while the British fought in lines. Yet in reality, the Americans found that they had to create an army … Continue reading

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