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Question of the Week: 10/21-10/27/19

How/when did you first learn about John Brown and the 1859 Raid? Have your perspectives on the man or event changed over the years?

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Week In Review: October 13-20, 2019

This week has been almost all about John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry for the 160th Anniversary with lots of posts and lots of perspective. You’ll also find posts on Fort Harrison, the Battle of Cedar Creek, and more…

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155 Years: Cedar Creek

October 19, 1864 – one hundred fifty-five years ago – saw battlefield surprises in the Shenandoah Valley. First, the Confederates under General Jubal Early launched a surprise attack on the Union army and managed to drive three corps from positions. … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Amazing Preservation Opportunity at Bristoe Station Battlefield!

Last week the American Battlefield Trust announced an amazing preservation opportunity at Bristoe Station. Currently, the only portion of the battlefield preserved is 140 acres that makes up the Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park. This land was preserved by the … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: John Brown Museum in Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park offers a plethora of historical narratives through the old buildings, markers, and interpretive tools. From Colonial and Federalist Eras to Lewis and Clark to Civil War and beyond, this historic town offers a lot to … Continue reading

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ECW on C-SPAN: Grant’s Second Petersburg Offensive

C-SPAN 3’s continuing coverage of the Sixth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge heads to the gates of the Cockade City this weekend. A. Wilson Greene’s keynote address focused on Ulysses S. Grant’s lesser-known second Petersburg offensive, which took … Continue reading

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Podcast Additional Resources: “A Chat with Brian Steel Wills”

Last week a new episode of the ECW podcast released. Dan Welch had a chat about a variety of historical topics with author and historian Brian Steel Wills. We’ve combed through the archives and found a few articles related to … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 10/14-10/20/19

In your opinion, who was the best “army organizer” during the Civil War? (This does not automatically imply the person successfully handled the force in the field.)

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Week In Review: October 6-13, 2019

This week we’re continuing the focused discussion and different perspectives for the blog series “Do We Still Care About The Civil War?” And there’s also some other highlights about photo sleuthing and Civil War history hiding in the Pacific Northwest…

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John Brown’s Raid 160th: An Introduction

One hundred and sixty years ago this month (October 2019), twenty-two men embarked on a mission that shocked the nation and accelerated the rush toward Civil War. The event is now popularly called “John Brown’s Raid” and is viewed as … Continue reading

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