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McIlvaine’s Hotel: A Landmark on the Road to Gettysburg

For those who over the years have traveled to Gettysburg with some regularity, I’m sure that each of us have some landmarks that once passed let us know we really are on the way to Gettysburg. For myself, there’s still … Continue reading

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Book Review: Lincoln’s Northern Nemesis: The War Opposition and Exile of Ohio’s Clement Vallandigham

Ohio produced no shortage of Civil War luminaries. On one end of the spectrum, you have names like Grant, Sherman, Sheridan (sort of), Hayes, Rosecrans, and Garfield. And on the other…Clement Vallandigham. Even after 160 years, Vallandigham remains the name … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Militia Experience “An Awful Sight” at the Antietam Battlefield

In the Fall of 1862, the threat of invasion loomed large for the citizens of southcentral Pennsylvania. With General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia on their doorstep, on September 4, 1862, Pennsylvania Governor Andrew Curtin issued a proclamation, … Continue reading

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An Early War Skirmish on Virginia’s Eastern Shore: The Engagement at Wishart Point

Over the past five years my family has enjoyed several trips to Chincoteague Island on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. From the unspoiled beaches on Assateague to the terrific beer at Black Narrows Brewing, and the oysters, people, the oysters! It’s a … Continue reading

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A Most Profitable Ironclad: The Miniature Monitor That Raised Funds and Hope for the Union

To be certain, the medical arm of the United States military was unprepared for the scope of the war that was thrust upon it in 1861, counting only 98 physicians in its ranks at the outbreak of the Civil War. … Continue reading

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A Most Terrible Scene: A Collision on the B&O and One Regiment’s Deadliest Day

We don’t often hear about railroad accidents today. That’s not for a lack of reporting, but that railroad travel is exponentially safer now than it was 160 years ago. Traveling by railroad during the Civil War involved risking life and … Continue reading

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A Perilous Voyage on the Kanawha: Jenkins Attacks the Victor No. 2

Riverine warfare has perhaps received less attention in Civil War historiography when compared to other naval or land theaters. Rivers played a critical role in moving and supplying armies in the field, and offered avenues of invasion or retreat. The … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Most Hated Man in Kentucky: The Lost Cause and the Legacy of Union General Stephen Burbridge

  The Most Hated Man in Kentucky: The Lost Cause and the Legacy of Union General Stephen Burbridge By Brad Asher University of Kentucky Press, 2021, $45.00 hardcover Reviewed by Jon-Erik Gilot Stephen Burbridge is not a name that leaps … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cincinnati in the Civil War

Cincinnati in the Civil War: The Union’s Queen City  By David L. Mowery The History Press, 2021, $26.99 Reviewed by Jon-Erik Gilot Historian David L. Mowery has in recent years delivered several outstanding books for those of us interested in … Continue reading

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“Not Far from the Plank Road’s Turning”

William R. Ramsey was a Sergeant in Co. F of the 150th Pennsylvania Bucktails. Surviving the vicious fighting at Gettysburg unscathed, Ramsey was severely wounded on May 6, 1864 during the Battle of the Wilderness, and was subsequently captured. His … Continue reading

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