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Book Review: Vicksburg Besieged

Vicksburg Besieged Edited by Steve E. Woodworth and Charles D. Grear Southern Illinois Press, 2020, $29.50 hardback Reviewed by Sean M. Chick It is inevitable that as Ulysses S. Grant’s stock has risen over the decades, more books on Vicksburg … Continue reading

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The Battle of Belmont as Told in a Comic Strip

The University of the South has digitized the Polk Family Papers. While going there to find something related to Shiloh (there was not much but it’s a hard site to use) I came upon a comic strip titled Under the … Continue reading

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Petersburg Day Four: Saturday, June 18, 1864 

Having rested throughout June 17, George Meade’s energy returned. He made preparation for a full attack along the entire front on June 18. Yet, the attack would not be easy. II and IX Corps had already taken heavy losses. Ambrose … Continue reading

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Petersburg Day Three: Friday, June 17, 1864 

George Meade’s June 17 battle plan conformed to Francis Barlow’s suggestion for hitting the flank. The proposed attack would be carried out by Ambrose Burnside’s IX Corps, namely the divisions led by Robert Potter and James H. Ledlie. Potter had … Continue reading

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Petersburg Day Two: Thursday, June 16, 1864

On the night of June 15, P.G.T. Beauregard sent Robert E. Lee a letter, which was received at 2:00 a.m., explaining the situation and asking him to cover the Howlett Line. Unfortunately, the letter failed to convey the desperation of … Continue reading

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Petersburg Day One: Wednesday, June 15, 1864

On June 15 the Army of the Potomac began to cross the James River. It was an emotional moment. A. M. Judson of the 83rd Pennsylvania likened the army’s arrival at the James to Xenophon and his 10,000 Greeks reaching … Continue reading

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From the Chickahominy to the James: June 4-14, 1864

In the aftermath of Cold Harbor, the armies led by Robert E. Lee and George Meade were at a strategic stalemate less than twenty miles from Richmond. The advantage though was to the Confederates. Lee still held Richmond and his … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Assault on Fort Blakeley

The Assault on Fort Blakeley: The Thunder and Lightning of Battle By Mike Bunn The History Press, 2020, $21.99 paperback Reviewed by Sean Michael Chick To understand what Mike Bunn is presenting in The Assault on Fort Blakeley, one really … Continue reading

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Recruiting The Regiment – The Flower of the Home Guard: Confederate Guards Response Battalion

Perhaps no unit of the Civil War had a more convoluted name than the Confederate Guards Response Battalion. The outfit’s origins were with the Louisiana militia, a massive force raised by Governor Thomas Overton Moore and led by John L. … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Impulse of Victory

The Impulse of Victory: Ulysses S. Grant at Chattanooga By David A. Powell Southern Illinois University Press, 2020, $19.95 hardback Reviewed by Sean Michael Chick Every Civil War battle has its share of controversies, from the smaller ones like Belmont … Continue reading

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