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The 100th Indiana’s Flag

160 years ago this month, the 100th Indiana Volunteers joined Federal service. The regiment (known as the Persimmon Regiment after fall 1862) saw action in the Vicksburg Campaign, the Battles for Chattanooga, and then in all campaigns of the Army … Continue reading

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The Rocks at Second Manassas: A Postscript of Reconstruction

A little while ago, Sarah Bierle shared the story of Confederates, out of ammunition, resorting to throwing rocks at the Deep Cut during the battle of Second Manassas. It’s a fairly well-known account, held up as an example of the … Continue reading

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“It was a Warm Place Indeed”: O.O. Howard’s First Impressions of Bull Run

Three days after the Federal defeat at Bull Run, Col. Oliver Otis Howard sat down to write a letter to his wife Lizzie. The Maine native, like so many others, had just seen the first substantial combat of his life, … Continue reading

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Meade: “A Great Deal Too Much Fuss”

On the afternoon of July 7, 1863, George Gordon Meade arrived in Frederick, Maryland, as his army marched in pursuit of the retreating Army of Northern Virginia. Word of his major victory at Gettysburg had already circulated widely, and Meade … Continue reading

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Forged in Fire – The Battle of Athens, Missouri, Part II

For Part I of this Series, click here.  In August 1861, Athens, Missouri was a bustling river town in the extreme northeastern corner of the state, perched just across the Des Moines River from the Iowa border. With over 500 … Continue reading

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McClellan Addresses the 5th Wisconsin

On May 7, 1862, General George B. McClellan reviewed and spoke to the men of the 5th Wisconsin, who two days before had helped win the Battle of Williamsburg. Since the 2d Wisconsin fought at First Manassas, this was the … Continue reading

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“An unmitigated fraud” – Henry Judah at Resaca

On May 16, 1864, just outside Resaca Georgia, Brig. Gen. Milo S. Hascall quietly relinquished command of the Second Brigade, Second Division, XXIII Corps stepping up to take charge of the division. He replaced Brig. Gen. Henry M. Judah. Judah … Continue reading

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A Tale of Three Hammets

On May 14, 1864, just north of the Green family cabin, twenty-four-year-old Robert C. Hammet fell dead with a bullet in his brain. His regiment, the 54th Virginia, was ordered into a reckless, suicidal charge against a line of Federal … Continue reading

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More than Just Jackson: The Army of Northern Virginia’s Casualties in the Officer Corps at Chancellorsville

Stonewall Jackson died on May 10, 1863. Ever since, his loss has been held up as a key factor in why the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia was never the same. “If only Jackson…” begins many counter-factuals. In the wake … Continue reading

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On The March: The 44th Indiana 1862-63

One of the more oft-overlooked resources are local newspapers, which published letters from the battlefront throughout the war. For small towns where many of the military-age males had signed up, such letters were of community interest. One such town was … Continue reading

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