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“Always willing to bear his part of the danger and hardship of his fellow soldiers”: A Story from Winchester National Cemetery

This year, Emerging Civil War is helping to support Wreaths Across America at Winchester National Cemetery through a fundraiser. We are only one week away from an evening virtual program about the cemetery. To whet your appetite for history and … Continue reading

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“Here I am . . . a Prisoner:” The Capture of Walt Whitman’s Brother

Siblings sometimes produce interesting relationships. In many cases, the younger moves through childhood and into the teen years aspiring to be like the elder. I know that, personally, although my older brother and I fought like cats and dogs growing … Continue reading

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Barlow and Gordon at Antietam

Stand aside Gettysburg. It’s the middle of September, and you’re not the only place with a Barlow-Gordon story. (And yes, I see you, Spotsylvania, but you’ll have to wait your turn.) In case you haven’t heard of the Barlow-Gordon story … Continue reading

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Fighting in Slippers: Longstreet at Antietam

In September 1862, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee led the Army of Northern Virginia across the Potomac River and into Maryland for the first time. It was an effort to capitalize on a summer of stunning Confederate successes in the … Continue reading

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The Eve of Antietam

The evening of September 16 always draws my mind to the Antietam battlefield. 160 years ago tonight, Union and Confederate soldiers settled down for a tense night around Sharpsburg, Maryland. In some cases, they lay within earshot of one another. … Continue reading

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The Rocks at Second Manassas: A Postscript of Reconstruction

A little while ago, Sarah Bierle shared the story of Confederates, out of ammunition, resorting to throwing rocks at the Deep Cut during the battle of Second Manassas. It’s a fairly well-known account, held up as an example of the … Continue reading

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Joseph Joel: Soldier-Artist of Fox’s Gap

Civil War battles are hard to make sense of. Orderly lines on a map and neat, clear depictions of battle make it hard to grasp the confusion of a smoke-clogged, loud, and deadly space fought over by two determined forces. … Continue reading

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At His Post on Maryland Heights: Eliakim Sherrill and his 126th New York Infantry

The dark night and the dense foliage atop Maryland Heights made it difficult for the green soldiers of the 126th New York to discern–for the first time three weeks after their enlistment–their enemy in front of them. But they knew … Continue reading

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Medical Care at Second Manassas: Reaching A Crossroads?

At the crossroads of the Sudley-Manassas Road and Warrenton Turnpike (now modern roads Route 29/Lee Highway and 234/Sudley Road) stands a historic stone house. Dating back to 1848, this structure has stood guard at the trafficked intersection and witnessed two … Continue reading

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The 26th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry: A Baptism of Fire and Brimstone at Fredericksburg Part 2

ECW welcomes back guest author David Steinert (See Part I here) Sunday afternoon December 7, was cold and the soldiers of the 26th NJV gathered around a campfire to get warm and to hear their Chaplain, David T. Morrill preach. … Continue reading

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