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Question of the Week: 1/18-1/24/21

Who is your favorite regimental historian and/or regimental history book?

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New Book in the Emerging Civil War Series Now Available: Embattled Capital: A Guide to Richmond in the Civil War

We want you to share this moment with us for a second:

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Weekly Whitman: The Sounds of Winter

Union and Confederate soldiers spent three winters in service during the years 1861-65. Whether it was winter merriment in New Orleans or, more commonly, bivouacked among the snowdrifts of the South, it was cold and strange for men who had … Continue reading

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Civil War Myth Busting: The Fictional Confederate Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg

Another anniversary of the battle of Fredericksburg has come and gone. Mention of the December 1862 battle immediately brings to mind the repeated Federal attacks against Marye’s Heights that all failed to reach their objective. One of the most famous … Continue reading

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BookChat with Timothy B. Smith, author of The Union Assaults on Vicksburg

I was pleased to spend some time recently with the most recent book by historian Timothy B. Smith, The Union Assaults on Vicksburg: Grant Attacks Pemberton, May 17-22, 1863, published by the University Press of Kansas (find out more about … Continue reading

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Weekly Whitman: … and the war came

With a new year upon us—after being crushed by 2020—we gift you with a poem. “1861.” Manhattan was a separate part of New York City at that time, and Walt Whitman spent a great deal of time there, reporting on … Continue reading

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Weekly Whitman: Not Such a Merry Christmas

Walt Whitman’s mother raised a couple of very unusual sons. One was Walt, of course—the other was George Washington Whitman, Walt’s little brother. As soon as the war began and he could get his effects in order, George volunteered for … Continue reading

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Weekly Whitman: A Christmas Greeting from a Northern Star-Group to a Southern. 1889-’90

Walt Whitman sent a Christmas card to the entire country of Brazil in 1889. That year, a Brazilian field marshal named Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca overthrew Emperor Dom Pedro II and declared the nation a republic. On Christmas Day, seventy-year-old Whitman wrote … Continue reading

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Symposium Books for Your Holiday Wish List

With the holidays fast approaching, we thought our symposium attendees might want to start reading up on some of the ‘Fallen Leaders’ our speakers have lined up for the 2021 Symposium. Because books make such wonderful gifts for Civil War … Continue reading

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Weekly Whitman: Pioneers! O Pioneers!

 “Pioneers! O Pioneers!” is one of the most recorded of Whitman’s poems. Actor Will Geer reads in this YouTube presentation, illustrated by images of American pioneers heading west from the 1840s onward.

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