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How I Got Hooked on Franklin: The Story Behind Let Us Die Like Men

My story for Franklin began when I was around ten years old. The stories my grandparents told inspired my love of history, and my dad’s fateful purchase of Bruce Catton’s American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War sparked my … Continue reading

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Primary Sources: The Official Records

The most important collection of primary sources arguably is the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion. This massive collection of after-action reports and correspondence, both from army and naval actions and campaigns, are universally known and used in … Continue reading

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Primary Sources: Thoughts and Favorites

A primary source is defined as one produced by an eyewitness to an event offering their recollections. Some primary sources provide just basic facts with limited additional details. Other sources, like battle reports, provide more details but often offer little … Continue reading

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Twain, the War and Life on the Mississippi

For Civil War News I recently wrote a piece on how Ulysses S. Grant managed to finish his Personal Memoirs just before his death in 1885. My article proved so long that CWN Publisher Jack Melton split it for two … Continue reading

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2018 Year In Review: New ECW Books

Other highlights of the ECW year include the publication of new titles to add to the Emerging Civil War bookshelf. Let’s give our published authors of 2018 a round of applause and moment of recognition for their dedication research and … Continue reading

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Making A (Book) List—And Checking It Twice…

None of these books are naughty, but they’d sure be a nice addition to your Civil War book collection! Do you make lists of the books in your personal library? Sometimes, it’s a good idea to take stock of what’s … Continue reading

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Robert E. Lee: Brave Leader

In the 1980’s and 1990’s I was periodically given a catalog for Troll Associates, which published children’s books. Among them were various history books. In the library I had already checked books from the World at War series, the first … Continue reading

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A New Find for New Hope Church

It’s always fun to find new tidbits in the course of research, and while working on my new book about the Mine Run campaign, I found a particularly cool piece that I was excited to share. This image, a watercolor … Continue reading

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The Great Battle is Here

I am always excited when a box of new books shows up on my back porch. The UPS deliveryman shows up like Santa Claus and drops off the books. Somehow, he manages to do it without making the dog bark. … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Brian Steel Wills about Inglorious Passages (part two)

(part two of two) I’m talking with historian Brian Steel Wills, author of one of my favorite Civil War books from last year, Inglorious Passages: Noncombat Deaths in the American Civil War. Inglorious Passages received the Harwell Award at the … Continue reading

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