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War Chicken Redux: The War Horse War Chicken

ECW is pleased to welcome back historian Joe Owen, co-author (with Randy Drais) of Texans at Gettysburg: Blood and Glory with Hood’s Texas Brigade. Every one in a while, I find a humorous story about the soldiers of Hood’s Texas … Continue reading

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Beverly Ford Road at Brandy Station

This past Saturday, I had an opportunity to visit the Brandy Station battlefield. On the walk out to Buford’s Knoll (Brig. Gen. John Buford’s command post during the engagement) I captured this picture. The tree line in the center foreground … Continue reading

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“And now I am going to tell you what I think about soldiering”

From my ancestor, Sheldon S. Appleby—the letter that began my hunt earlier this week for information about a Civil War ancestor I didn’t know I had. Suffolk, V.A. Feb. 6th 1863 Dear Father and Mother,

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Finding Sheldon Appleby

I know Sheldon and Mary Appleby only through their handwriting and by their daughter, Nell—my great-great-grandmother, “Grandma Nellie,” whom I know, in turn, only by name. The handwriting I know Sheldon by isn’t even his own—not really, anyway. Rather, it’s a … Continue reading

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The Future of Civil War History: An Interview with Dana Shoaf (part three)

part three of five In our conversation yesterday, Dana Shoaf—editor of Civil War Times—expressed some of his concerns about the disconnect between academic historians and the general public. “It almost sometimes feels like some academics—this is a really general statement—would … Continue reading

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Dr. Henry A. Minor’s Account of Lee’s Surrender at Appomattox

We are pleased to share an account passed along to us by Mary Zelinka, who reaches out to us all the way from Albany, Oregon. Mary shares with us an account from her ancestor, Dr. Henry A. Minor, of Lee’s surrender … Continue reading

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Forging a State: The Western Virginia Campaign of July 1861-Part IV

Robert Garnett received word of his army’s defeat at Rich Mountain on the night of July 11.  He had to move quickly, as a Federal force advancing from the Rich Mountain battlefield that occupied the town of Beverly would be … Continue reading

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Discovering Your Civil War Past: V

Welcome back to our much-delayed next installment of this interactive blog series on researching your Civil War ancestor or individual soldiers of interest.

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“Come on You Wolverines”: Remembering the Fight at East Cavalry Field

Today, East Cavalry Field is a relatively quiet place on an otherwise busy battlefield. I have been there many times and often spending a few hours on each visit. It is indeed rare to encounter anyone there, compared to the … Continue reading

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Discovered: Female Soldiers At Gettysburg

Mary Virginia Wade – better known as “Jennie Wade” – was the only woman shot and killed at Gettysburg. Or so the story goes. But is it true? What if there were other female casualties at Gettysburg? Women in the direct … Continue reading

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