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“For an Affectionate Mother like Yourself”

Cadet Beverly Standard (called “Jack” by his peers) wrote a delightful collection of letters to his widowed mother from Virginia Military Institute during 1863-1864. (I’ve written about them in detail here.) In April 1864, he wrote a letter which follows … Continue reading

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When Was Easter During The American Civil War?

Easter moves around on the calendar—on different Sundays in spring each year. So when was the religious holiday during the years of the American Civil War? March 31, 1861 April 20, 1862 April 5, 1863 March 27, 1864 April 16, … Continue reading

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John Breckinridge’s Unforgettable Get-Away!

Newspaper transcriptions are amazing projects. These advertisements are believed to have appeared in The Richmond Joker on April 1, 1865…. It’s April 1865 the final days of the Confederacy. Let’s just acknowledge it. You’re going to have some choices in … Continue reading

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The Persistence of the Mardi Gras Spirit in Civil War New Orleans

Emerging Civil War welcomes back guest author Neil P. Chatelain… Nothing embodies New Orleans more than Mardi Gras. Crowds throng parades, balls, and costumed parties, marking final celebrations before the Catholic season of Lent. Organizations host parades, customizing throws of … Continue reading

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The Effects of Pepper

Today is Stonewall Jackson’s birthday. He would be 197 years old were he still with us. My daughter, when she was young, was a huge Stonewall Jackson groupie. She could roll off information about him the way a serious baseball … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day – From The Archives

We hope you’ve had a safe and relaxed holiday weekend. In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, here are a few posts from previous years with ties to the Civil War: Civil War, Civil Rights, and Thoughts on the … Continue reading

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Weekly Whitman: The Sounds of Winter

Union and Confederate soldiers spent three winters in service during the years 1861-65. Whether it was winter merriment in New Orleans or, more commonly, bivouacked among the snowdrifts of the South, it was cold and strange for men who had … Continue reading

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Weekly Whitman: Not Such a Merry Christmas

Walt Whitman’s mother raised a couple of very unusual sons. One was Walt, of course—the other was George Washington Whitman, Walt’s little brother. As soon as the war began and he could get his effects in order, George volunteered for … Continue reading

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Gen. Sherman Sends Christmas Greetings to His Children

During a break from the scourge of war, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman penned a Christmas letter to his daughter Maria, whom he affectionately calls “Minnie.” The general and his army were in occupation of Savannah, Georgia, after a long march … Continue reading

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I Heard The Bells – An ECW Tradition Continues

In 2011 Meg Groeling posted an article about Henry W. Longfellow’s poem I Hear The Bells on Christmas Day and it quickly became an ECW classic which we enjoy featuring every December 25th. This year especially we hope you take … Continue reading

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