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The Iron Brigade of the Cumberland at Chickamauga (Part Two of Two)

The anonymous author of the pamphlet Willich at Chickamauga continues with the resumption of the battle on September 20, 1863: What a glorious morning ushers in this Sunday, Sept. 20th, 1863, and shines as fair a sun as ever gladdened this hemisphere. … Continue reading

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The Iron Brigade of the Cumberland at Chickamauga (Part One of Two)

Few moments in the life of a historian compare with uncovering fresh primary sources. Fortunately, I have experienced this thrill on numerous occasions. Small rewards for thousands of hours spent squinting at period handwriting in archives and attics across the … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaders: General Max Weber at Antietam

One late spring day in 2013 a farmer plowing his field in Martin County, Minnesota noticed a small white porcelain object poking out of a furrow. He stopped the tractor, climbed down, and retrieved the curious artifact, which was slightly … Continue reading

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Auntie Kearney’s Mid-Century Tavern

Emerging Civil War welcomes guest author Francesca Costa… At the Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey, visitors enjoy hiking trails and kayaking on the Hudson. Every weekend, people are surprised by the historic Kearney House they stumble across, because few … Continue reading

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Treüe der Union: A German Union Man Cheats Death in Texas

Three days after the attack on August 10, 1862, Ernst Cramer returned to the battlefield near the Nueces River to search for his wounded friends. Nineteen dead German Americans, bloated, blackened, and putrid in the unrelenting west Texas heat lay … Continue reading

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Civil War Myth Busting: The Fictional Confederate Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg

Another anniversary of the battle of Fredericksburg has come and gone. Mention of the December 1862 battle immediately brings to mind the repeated Federal attacks against Marye’s Heights that all failed to reach their objective. One of the most famous … Continue reading

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The Astonishing Life of an Italian American Civil War Soldier

Lt. Charles DeRudio inched along on his belly through dense underbrush to the bottom of a dry creek bed, concealing himself to avoid capture and certain death. Pistol shots rang out nearby, followed by female voices. DeRudio raised his head … Continue reading

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