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Book Review: The Encyclopedia of Confederate Generals

Reviewed by Stephen Davis The first thing that catches your eye about this impressively comprehensive volume is the number 426. Like most of you, I grew up on Ezra J. Warner’s number of 425 Confederate generals. But Mitcham alertly reminds … Continue reading

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The fall of Vicksburg: Breaking the Backbone of the Rebellion

On July 4, 1863, Major General U.S. Grant’s army captured Vicksburg, Mississippi.  This campaign often gets hastily passed over in history conversations.  Gettysburg and Fourth festivities take precedent.  I’m at fault for neglecting this event as well.  Still, the fall … Continue reading

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ECW Podcast: Tale of Two Stonewalls

It was the best of Jackson; it was the worst of Jackson. The Stonewall of the Valley Campaign was not the Stonewall of the Seven Days. Sarah Kay Bierle, Doug Crenshaw, and Chris Mackowski talk about the tale of two … Continue reading

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Richard Taylor on Stonewall Jackson

As we wrap up the 160th anniversary of Stonewall Jackson’s Shenandoah Valley Campaign, I want to share with you an observation made by Richard Taylor. Taylor’s Louisianans played a key role in several battles during the Valley Campaign and then … Continue reading

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A Newly Uncovered Letter in the Most Ungentlemanly Porter-Miller Exchange

Anyone who has read their fair share of Civil War correspondence knows it is often very cordial, even when notes are exchanged between officers on opposing sides. However, occasionally it devolves into arguments akin to modern-day social media rants, especially … Continue reading

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Symposium Spotlight: Phill Greenwalt Visits Fort Craig

With less than three months remaining until our symposium, several of our authors will further explore topics relating to their ‘What If’ theme. Today, Phill Greenwalt explores Fort Craig, New Mexico… In 1853, soldiers of the 3rd United States Infantry … Continue reading

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What if Longstreet hadn’t been wounded in the Wilderness?

On May 7, 1864, Robert E. Lee made one of his most critical decisions of the entire Overland Campaign: who to promote to take the place of his wounded Old Warhorse, James Longstreet. Longstreet was caught in the middle of … Continue reading

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The Anniversary of Longstreet’s Wounding

On this date, in 1864, Confederate Lt. Gen. James Longstreet took a bullet through his neck and right shoulder during the battle of the Wilderness. “Old Pete,” as his friends called him, was caught in a crossfire by his own … Continue reading

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General Cullen Battle’s Leadership & Kindness

As Confederate General Cullen A. Battle walked among his regiments during the battle of The Wilderness, he saw the mental strain of war on his men. Unlike other generals who had no patience with so-called shirkers, Battle responded with remarkable … Continue reading

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“A Piece of Bone,” Bishop Polk, and the National Tribune

Editor’s note: Stephen Davis’ forthcoming book, The National Tribune Remembers the Atlanta Campaign, will be published next year by Savas Beatie. The National Tribune, a weekly newspaper published in Washington from 1877 to 1943, was arguably the most comprehensive repository … Continue reading

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