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Petersburg Latrine Management

While expanding my search for more source material on the VI Corps at Petersburg, I found an old auction listing for detailed instructions to improve the sanitation in their fortified camps during the early stage of the campaign. Such descriptions … Continue reading

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Cadet Thomas G. Jefferson: Saving a Life on New Market Battlefield

Seventeen-year-old Thomas Garland Jefferson died of a wound suffered at the battle of New Market. Shot in the lungs on May 15, 1864, the Virginia Military Institute cadet lingered for hours, dying a couple of days later. Jefferson’s story has … Continue reading

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Accompanying Sedgwick’s Remains

A sharpshooter’s bullet struck and immediately killed Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick around 9:30 a.m. on May 9, 1864. Throughout the rest of the day, grieving members of the VI Corps paid their respects to their fallen general as his body … Continue reading

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Kernstown’s Wounded in Winchester

The battle of Kernstown on March 23, 1862 resulted in over 1,000 casualties and a Federal victory in the lower Shenandoah Valley. To be precision, General “Stonewall” Jackson’s early reports on Confederate losses listed 80 killed, 75 wounded, 263 missing … Continue reading

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Book Review: Invisible Wounds

Invisible Wounds: Mental Illness and Civil War Soldiers By Dillon J. Carroll Louisiana State University Press, 2021, $45 hardcover Reviewed by Meg Groeling In the last ten or so years there have been a nice handful of books written about … Continue reading

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Book Review: Matchless Organization

Matchless Organization: The Confederate Army Medical Department By Guy R. Hasegawa Southern Illinois University Press     2021     $26.50 paperback Reviewed by Stephen Davis In Doctors in Gray: The Confederate Medical Service (1958), H. H. Cunningham quotes a Southern physician as saying, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Radical Relationships

Radical Relationships: The Civil War Era Correspondence of Mathilde Franziska Anneke By Alison Clark Efford  (Editor), Viktorija Bilic  (Editor, Translator) University of Georgia Press, 2021, $32.95 – softcover Reviewed by David T. Dixon One of the great advancements in scholarship during the second … Continue reading

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General Hancock’s Tourniquet at Gettysburg

General Stannard stood over him as we laid him upon the ground, and opened his clothing where he indicated by a movement of his hand that he was hurt, a ragged hole, an inch or more in diameter, from which … Continue reading

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“Wounded July 1st by a ball:” An Iron Brigade Soldier’s Medical Treatment Record

During the Civil War, hundreds of thousands of soldiers became casualties. Those who survived their wounds long enough to make it to a field hospital received detailed treatment records. These records helped to professionalize American medicine, and taught valuable lessons … Continue reading

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Civil War Cooking: Dr. Potter’s Fine Dining on May 31, 1863

The most complicated food menu experience ends the series this year… Civil War surgeons had a hard and unenviable experience, but some of them ate pretty well between battles. Multiple menus from surgeons’ dining tables caught my eye this year, … Continue reading

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