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ECW at Yellow Tavern

May 12, 2016 marks the 152nd anniversary of Jeb Stuart’s death. Yesterday we posted instructions to reach the monument to his mortal wounding at Yellow Tavern. It can be quite difficult to find. The Virginia contingent of ECW welcomed Jimmy Brookes, … Continue reading

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The Death and Memory of Alexander Hays

The following excerpt, related to events 152 years ago today, is adapted from my new book Hell Itself: The Battle of the Wilderness, part of the Emerging Civil War Series. Proceeds from the sale of the book go to support the … Continue reading

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The Bridge Between Lincoln and His Soldiers

William Underhill, a volunteer with the Friends of Grant Cottage and a curator of all things Ulysses S. Grant on the internet, passed along an interesting piece the other day about a Grant memorial bridge in Washington, D.C.—a bridge that … Continue reading

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A Drive on Fort Fisher

The mouth of the Cape Fear River ends in a messy maze of barrier islands, sandbars, and shoals, but the commuter ferry seems unconcerned. It goes about its morning work in the same matter-of-fact way its passengers do. The morning … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Lincoln Memorial Shrine

Want to tour the only museum and archive dedicated to the memory and legacy of Abraham Lincoln located west of the Mississippi River? You’ll have to take a jaunt to Redlands, California. For some of you, the Lincoln Memorial Shrine … Continue reading

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Time to Lay the Lost Cause to Rest, But Let’s Not Overreact

Every year about this time I expect to hear about the Lee-Jackson Day events in Virginia and normally I roll my eyes, take a deep breath, and forget about it—hoping that the Lost Cause will soon draw its last breath. … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Poe Museum

Edgar Allan Poe died in Baltimore under mysterious circumstances in 1849—well before the Civil War. On a recent trip to Richmond, I nonetheless found a few surprising ancillary connections between the writer and the war. The connections all came through, … Continue reading

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Good News from Western New York

For those who’ve been following the ongoing story in Cattaraugus County New York…. The county legislature met this afternoon to vote on the final fate of the county’s Civil War Memorial and Historical Building. According to local preservationist Tom Stetz, … Continue reading

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Historic Preservation Crisis in Western New York

ECW is pleased to welcome historian Mark Dunkelman, although we wish he was bearing better news. Mark reached out this weekend regarding ongoing efforts in Cattaraugus County, N.Y. to preserve the Civil War Memorial and Historical Building, erected by the county’s … Continue reading

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“I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day,” Reconsidered

ECW has been experiencing a phenomenon of sorts. Apparently one of our older posts, December 13, 2011, has suddenly become very popular–more popular than when it first was published. And when I say popular, I am not talking about ten … Continue reading

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