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The Four-Legged Veteran of 18 Battles

The Library of Congress online archive has this photographic treasure: And here’s a transcription of the photo’s description printed on the back of the image:

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Gold In The Fields

Autumn is coming. There were so many beautiful golden shades in the fields at Third Winchester Battlefield around the battle anniversary over last weekend. It reminded me of this section from Stephen Vincent Benet’s long poem, John Brown’s Body: Autumn … Continue reading

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One Part Glory

The Summer of 1862 arguably featured the most intense fighting of the war in the Eastern Theater. The fighting began in the steamy swamps just outside Richmond as summer commenced and finished in the foggy, warmth of late summer along … Continue reading

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Sunset at Cville

I had to do a short video for one of my classes at the Chancellorsville intersection on Monday evening, and I was out there as the sun was making its final descent to the horizon. I thought I’d share:

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You are a White Livered Soul

July 1861 was hot and humid in Northern Virginia, and Sunday the 21st was sultry enough to be oppressively uncomfortable as the war’s first major battle unfolded along the swales surrounding Bull Run. Several hundred civilians living in and around … Continue reading

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No One Ever Received a More Important Command

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Historian’s Toolkit: Identifying 96th Illinois Soldiers

Diana L. Dretske authored The Bonds of War: A Story of Immigrants and Esprit de Corps in Company C, 96th Illinois Volunteer Infantry which is part of the Engaging The Civil War Series with Southern Illinois University Press. Today, she shares about her … Continue reading

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Had Come Close to a Dazzling Victory

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The Deep Cut Burns

A couple of weeks ago, Manassas National Battlefield held a controlled burn in the area of the Deep Cut. Here, on August 30, 1862, thousands of Union soldiers led by Maj. Gen. Fitz John Porter attacked Confederate troops positioned along … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 3/15-3/21/21

Some more historic photography questions… What is your favorite colorized Civil War photograph? What is your favorite original (black and white) Civil War photograph?

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