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Joshua Chamberlain stares down the 1880 Maine rebellion (part one of two)

Emerging Civil War is pleased to feature the work of our friend, Maine at War author Brian Swartz. Part one of two. When a political crisis roiled Maine in early 1880, Joshua L. Chamberlain answered the call to duty and … Continue reading

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“Reflections” on Lincoln by Alexander Stephens

It is well known that President Abraham Lincoln and Alexander H. Stephens, who served as Vice President of the Confederacy during the Civil War, were friends despite being on opposite sides of the war. Becoming acquainted during their service in … Continue reading

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The William Belknap Impeachment – Some Historical Background

When American author Mark Twain referred to the postbellum United States as living through a ‘Gilded Age’ he almost certainly had in mind the excesses exhibited by men like William Belknap, whose term as Secretary of War in the cabinet … Continue reading

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Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment (Now Available As A Free Podcast Episode)

We’re revisiting the historic topic of impeachment in U.S. History and making this podcast free for the first time! In November 2019, historian Emma Murphy from the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site discussed the first presidential impeachment trial with Chris … Continue reading

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Presidential Inaugurations: From the ECW Archives

On this historic day, we’ve rounded up some posts from the archives about Lincoln’s inaugurations and addresses:

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Digital History Spotlight: Civil War Governors of Kentucky Interview

The Kentucky Historical Society’s Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition may not have a name that rolls off the tongue easily, but what it does have is an excellently executed digital source repository and interpretation for some of … Continue reading

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The Secession of Mississippi

January 9, 2020, is the 160th anniversary of the secession of Mississippi Named for war hero Andrew Jackson, Jackson, Mississippi, was founded in 1821 at the intersection of the Natchez Trace and the Pearl River. Jackson himself had come through … Continue reading

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The Kraken: U.S. Grant’s Grand Strategy, 1864-1865

During the Civil War era, grand strategy consisted of a strategy and a military plan.[1]  Strategy in broad terms is a comprehensive idea or set of ideas that seeks to establish a lasting solution to large-scale crises.  Now, strategy, in … Continue reading

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Echoes of the Reconstruction Era: The 1876 Election—“A Dead Radical Is Harmless”

ECW welcomes back Patrick Young, author of The Reconstruction Era blog The Election of 1876 was the most contentious in United States history. While Lincoln’s election in 1860 had more tumultuous consequences, once the Democratic Party split into its “National” … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and the 1864 Election

Among the many rich rhetorical legacies US presidents have left to future generations, the Gettysburg Address dwarfs them all. Lincoln took scarcely more than two minutes to deliver a worthy tribute to fallen Federal soldiers and paint an inspirational vision … Continue reading

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