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The 15th: An Emerging Amendment?

It’s been 150 years since the ratification of the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution on February 3, 1870. Sometimes labelled as the last of the “Reconstruction Amendments,” this change to the law of the land ensured the voting … Continue reading

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Days of Uncertainty: Remember Truth

Last night I watched the news reports. The uncertainty of these times gripped me, making me wonder and question. I finally closed the apps on my phone, turned it off, and set it aside. Glancing up, the title on a … Continue reading

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The Political Strategy Behind Thanksgiving 

ECW welcomes back JoAnna M. McDonald Whether you commend or condemn the actions of President Abraham Lincoln, he was an astute strategist.  He took every opportunity to achieve a political advantage over the Confederacy. This detail can be seen even … Continue reading

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ECW Podcast “Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment” Is Now Available

What can we learn about impeachment from President Andrew Johnson? This week on the Emerging Civil War Podcast, Chris Mackowski talks with historian Emma Murphy from the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site. This recording is available to all subscribers at … Continue reading

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Looking Back…1860’s Politics

As we’re preparing this post, it’s the evening of Election Day, and by tomorrow morning when this post appears, results will be headlining in the newspapers, online, and in social media feeds. 155 years ago citizens of the United States … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 11/4-11/10/19

It’s election season, so…in your opinion, which presidential election—1860 or 1864—proves to be the greater turning point in U.S. History? Why?

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Corresponding About The 1864 Election

In 1864, Mary Emma Randolph and Walter G. Dunn corresponded about the 1864 election. Walter, a private in the 11th New Jersey but serving in the Invalid Corps during 1864, voted for Lincoln and generally supported the Republican Party. His … Continue reading

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Arming Virginia: Henry Wise’s Attempts to Prevent Another John Brown’s Raid

The word of John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry struck the Governor’s Mansion in Richmond, Virginia like a thunderbolt. Immediately, the lanky Henry Wise sprang into action. He called on the state’s militia to help suppress the uprising before journeying … Continue reading

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Do We Still Care About The Civil War: Sarah Kay Bierle

The cover story of the newest issue of Civil War Times asks, “Do we still care about the Civil War?” ECW is pleased to partner with Civil War Times to extend the conversation here on the blog. Anyone notice the … Continue reading

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Lincoln Develops a More Modern Command System – Part 2: Frustration to Breakthrough

Emerging Civil War welcomes back JoAnna M. McDonald (This piece follows the introductory reminder of wars and republics and Part 1: Growing Pains) Thus far, in the first fourteen months, President Abraham Lincoln’s command systems had failed to generate success … Continue reading

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