by Guy R. Hasegawa

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Nonsurgeon Employees of the Surgeon General’s Office

Name Approximate Time of Service
Extra-Duty Men
      Ambold, Ernest A., Private Dec. 1863–May 1864
      Arrington, A. W., Private Sept. 1863–Feb. 1864
      Axson, R., Hospital Steward July 1863–Nov. 1864
      Baird, Henry C., Hospital Steward Dec. 1863–July 1864
      Barnsley, George S., Hospital Steward June 1863–July 1864
      Baylor, A. G., Hospital Steward June 1863–Nov. 1864
      Bradley, S. B., Hospital Steward Dec. 1863–July 1864
      Bragg, Charles P., Hospital Steward June 1863–Mar. 1864
      Breeden, H. S., Private Dec. 1863–Nov. 1864
      Burress, T. H., Private Sept. 1863
      Caldwell, J. Marshall, Hospital Steward Mar.–Nov. 1864
      Cherry, J. K., Private Sept. 1863–Feb. 1864
      Clark, M., Hospital Steward July 1863–Nov. 1864
      Dykers, R., Hospital Steward July 1863–Nov. 1864
      Edwards, L. B., Private Nov. 1864
      Emmons, George W., Hospital Steward July 1864
      Fox, Samuel E., Hospital Steward Mar. 1864
      Hayden, Horace Edward, Hospital Steward July 1863–May 1864
      Johnson, J. A., rank unknown Dec. 1863–Mar. 1864
      Jordan, J. Cary, Hospital Steward June 1863–Nov. 1864
      Keeling, S. S., Hospital Steward Mar.–July 1864
      Klinger, William, Hospital Steward May 1864
      Libby, George W., Sergeant Feb. 1864
      McCollum, J. L., rank unknown Dec. 1863–Feb. 1864
      Morris, Harry C., Hospital Steward June 1863–Nov. 1864
      Nash, F. J., rank unknown Jan.–May 1864
      Pedrick, Charles W., Hospital Steward Mar.–July 1864
      Schwalmyer, W. C., conscript Nov. 1864
      Seal, William B., Hospital Steward Jan.–July 1864
      Simmons, Henry, Hospital Steward Dec. 1863–Mar. 1864
      Snipes, Joseph F., conscript Nov. 1864
      Taylor, William A. S., Hospital Steward July 1863–Feb. 1864
      Thomson, A. S., Hospital Steward Sept. 1863–Nov. 1864
      Thorn, T., Hospital Steward July–Sept. 1863
      Whiting, James Shield, Hospital Steward Jan.–July 1864
      Banks, H. T. Aug. 1862–Mar. 1865
      Beall, Miss E. O. Dec. 1863–Mar. 1865
      Betts, Russell S. Aug. 1862–Mar. 1865
      Carraway, William A., Jr. June–Oct. 1863
      Chilton, D. Saunders Aug. 1862–Nov. 1863
      Early, Geroge A. Nov. 1863–Feb. 1864
      Fox, Thomas I. E. Jan. 1863–Mar. 1865
      Halyburton, Miss Fannie G. Sept. 1864–Mar. 1865
      Hayden, Horace Edward Aug.–Oct. 1864
      Heiskell, J. M. Jan.–July 1863
      Macmurdo, Miss R. Sept. 1864–Mar. 1865
      McGuire, Miss Grace F. Sept. 1864–Mar. 1865
      Meador, Joseph C. Apr .1863–Mar. 1865
      Morris, Harry C. Aug. 1864–Mar. 1865
      Nelson, Miss Lizzie Page Dec. 1863–Mar. 1865
      Newbery, J. T. Sept. 1862–Mar. 1865
      Peyton, Miss Julia Sept. 1864–Mar. 1865
      Robinson, Edwin W. Aug. 1862–Nov. 1864
      Sale, John H. Mar.–Aug. 1864
      Saunders, Miss B. J. Dec. 1863–Mar. 1865
      Snipes, Joseph F. Jan. 1863–Mar. 1865
      Southgate, Miss M. Apr.–Oct. 1864
      Steger, Miss Maria P. Sept. 1864–Mar. 1865
      Triplett, Miss J. Sept. 1864–Mar. 1865
      Turner, George T. Aug. 1862–Mar. 1865
      Wedderburn, George C. Aug. 1862–Mar. 1865
      White, Theodore T. Apr. 1864–Mar. 1865
      Winn, Miss L. G. Dec. 1863–Mar. 1865

aFrom vols. 87 and 88, ch. IX; files 3090, 3176, 3680, and 4748 in entry 60; and files 3055, 4451, 4780, 5020, 5114, 5310, and 5332 in entry 183, all in RG 109, National Archives. Service may not have been continuous within date ranges. For extra-duty men, records are available, but not continuous, for June 1863 through November 1864. For civilians, records are available for August 1862 through March 1865. Horace Edward Hayden, Harry C. Morris, and Joseph F. Snipes appear in both sections of the list because they were in an out of the army at various times during the war or were misclassified in some of the records.