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Corporal John Warner of the Twelfth New York received a mortal wound at the Battle of Fredericksburg. Friends buried him at the Carpenter farm in Stafford County. One of them later sketched his grave.

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11-2aSecond Lieutenant Peter Froeligh had the distinction of serving in two Zouave regiments, the 5th and 146th New York, before his death at the Battle of the Wilderness. Officials did not discover his identity until years later. As a result, his headstone differs in appearance from those around it.



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11-3Bank president William Rambusch, a veteran of the 51st New York, committed suicide at Fredericksburg after embezzling money from clients in Michigan. Relatives ignored his request to be buried in the cemetery where he died.





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Brothers Leighton and Jesse Forsythe died after being struck by a train while walking along the railroad tracks north of Fredericksburg. Like most soldiers who died during the Spanish-American War, their headstones feature a sunken-shield design.

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11-5Corporal Samuel Rice of the Seventh Rhode Island died charging a Confederate battery at Spotsylvania Court House.