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ECW Digital Shorts are read-in-one-sitting pieces available for download from The Digital Shorts Series offers a mix of original material and updated, expanded versions some of our most popular long-form pieces from the blog. Each Digital Short is available for $2.99, with proceedings going to support ECW’s annual symposium.

Publications in this Series

The Union’s Great Crisis: The Fall of 1862

by Chris Kolakowski

An introduction to the political and military events during the pivotal period of the American Civil War from September 1862 to January 1863.

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Shaping Chancellorsville: Fields of Battle and Memory— How Memories of the Battle Have Shaped the Battlefield

by Chris Mackowski

A study of how the remembrance of the battle of Chancellorsville has shaped the preservation of its battlefield.

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Supplies are the Great Question: Union Logistics and Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign, 1864

by J. Britt McCarley

A study of the logistics of Major General William T. Sherman’s 1864 Atlanta Campaign.

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The Long Encampment at Seven Pines: June 2 – 28, 1862

by Robert M. Dunkerly

A study of the military encampment on the Seven Pines battlefield during June 1862. The author compiles primary source material pertaining to the experiences of Union soldiers living around their buried comrades during that blistering summer month of the American Civil War.

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Voices of the Maryland Campaign

by Kevin R. Pawlak

The Maryland Campaign of September 1862 was one of the most crucial military campaigns of the Civil War. Confederate independence and the life of the United States hinged on its outcome. Every day proved important to the campaign’s results. This book features a brief summary of each day of the campaign but also traces the eighteen days of this significant military event through the eyes of the civilians and soldiers who participated in its many acts.

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