Emerging Revolutionary War Series

The Emerging Revolutionary War Series, published by Savas Beatie, LLC, connects readers with America’s founding event. With an emphasis on clear, engaging writing, the Emerging Revolutionary War Series presents our revolutionary history in a reader-friendly way, supplemented by hundreds of photos and original maps in each volume. The series taps into the expertise of historians at ECW’s sister site, Emerging Revolutionary War.

Founded by Phill Greenwalt, Chris Mackowski, and Rob Orrison, the Emerging Revolutionary War Series is edited by Dan Welch.

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*     *     * 

To the Last Extremity: The Battles for Charleston
by Mark Maloy

*     *     * 

Unhappy Catastrophes:
The American Revolution in Central New Jersey

by Robert Dunkerly

*     *     * 

The Winter that Won the War:
The Winter Encampment at Valley Forge

by Phillip S. Greenwalt

*     *     * 

A Handsome Flogging:
The Battle of Monmouth

by William Griffith IV

*     *     * 

A Single Blow: The Battles of Lexington and Concord
and the Beginning of the American Revolution

by Phillip S. Greenwalt and Robert Orrison

*     *     * 

Victory or Death:
The Battles of Trenton and Princeton

by Mark Maloy