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Faces of the Fight: The Battle of Big Bethel

The more I study the Civil War the more I am drawn to the “who” and the “why” rather than the “what.” In researching for the forthcoming book with Doug Crenshaw titled, To Hell Or Richmond, I spent a good … Continue reading

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Recruiting The Regiment: The Erie Regiment

On April 21, 1861 John W. McLane of Erie issued a call for volunteers, for a term of service of three months. In 1859 he had formed the Wayne Guard, a company of volunteers that served as a mostly ceremonial … Continue reading

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Recruiting the Regiment: The First Missouri Confederate Infantry Regiment

For Missouri Volunteer Militiaman and U.S. Army veteran John S. Bowen, it was a tumultuous early summer of 1861. On May 10, he and approximately 600 Missouri militia had been captured by Capt. Nathaniel Lyon’s Federal troops in St. Louis … Continue reading

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Recruiting The Regiment: Politics by other means – the 36th Illinois Infantry Regiment goes to war

The 36th Illinois is really the closest thing I have to a hometown regiment. Company H of the 36th was recruited in Algonquin Township of McHenry County, Illinois, where I now live, and I find the graves of their veterans … Continue reading

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Recruiting the Regiment: York County and the 130th Pennsylvania Infantry

In previous blog posts, I explored the service of the 130th Pennsylvania Infantry at Antietam as well as at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. In this post, part of ECW’s larger “Recruiting the Regiment” series, I’ll take a step back from the … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Exploring Fortress Monroe (Virtually)

For many enslaved men, women, and children, Fortress Monroe became their place to find and create freedom. Self-emancipation pressured Union military officers and Federal politicians to face the realities of slavery and question how freedom could cripple the local Southern … Continue reading

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“The Escapes…Are Very Numerous”

One hundred and sixty years ago, Benjamin Butler enjoyed his new rank as major general of volunteers, a result of occupying Baltimore and helping to secure the transportation and communication lines into Washington D.C. His new assignment at the end … Continue reading

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“Remember Ellsworth!”

On May 24, 1861, realities of loss and war hit the Lincoln White House. Twenty-four year old Colonel Elmer Ellsworth became the first Union officer to die in the Civil War. The incident happened as Federal forces took possession of … Continue reading

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Recruiting The Regiment: An Introduction

There’s a new series coming to the Emerging Civil War blog for the 160th Anniversary of the American Civil War. Both north and south spent the spring and early summer months of 1861 recruiting and training volunteer regiments. Recruiting The … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 5/24-5/30/21

As we continue to move through the anniversary timeline for 1861… In your opinion, what was the event that shocked the nation (or a particular side) and made them realize “this is war”?

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