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Civil War Cooking (and Drinking): The 2022 Introduction

The week of Thanksgiving approaches, and it’s time to begin the yearly tradition of the Civil War Cooking Series on Emerging Civil War. This year I’m delighted to share that Meg Groeling is joining the effort to entertain and highlight … Continue reading

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Forts: Fort Fisher in Fiction

While search an online archive of public domain books, I stumbled across a unique volume entitled Fort Fisher or The Thunder of Siege Guns: A Story of the Great Bombardment. Authored by Major A.F. Grant and published in 1883 by … Continue reading

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Robin Hood & The Civil War: “The Scott Effect” (Part 3)

Part of a series An old whaling ship was not the only example of Robin Hood’s name appearing in mid-19th Century America. In fact, a search for the English outlaw’s name in newspapers from the Civil War era turns up … Continue reading

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