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The Heroics of Capt. John Woodward, 1st Vermont Cavalry

On March 2, 1863, fifty-nine troopers of the 1st Vermont Cavalry trotted into Aldie and stopped at the village’s prominent mill to rest. Suddenly and unexpectedly, two Vermont scouts on the northwest end of town stumbled into an advancing force … Continue reading

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Revisiting Maj. William Wells at Gettysburg

Several years ago, I posted a picture of the William Wells monument at Gettysburg. When going back through some of the pictures I took last week while I was there for the anniversary, I came across another one that I … Continue reading

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Elon Farnsworth: A “What If?” of Gettysburg

154 years after the engagement ended, students and enthusiasts still debate the “what if?” questions related to the Battle of Gettysburg. What if Richard Ewell had captured Cemetery Hill on the first day? What if Meade had withdrawn from the … Continue reading

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Unwritten History: Who Shot J.E.B. Stuart?

Yellow Tavern is an engagement that continues to interest me. Although much of the battlefield has been obliterated by modern development, traces of it still remain and like many other battles, so do unanswered questions. The regimental alignment of Brig. … Continue reading

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