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Col. John McLane of the 83rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry at Gaines Mill

In 1859 John W. McLane formed and commanded a mostly ceremonial militia unit in Erie, Pennsylvania, known as the Wayne Guard. When war broke out in April of 1861, McLane, now a colonel, put out a call for volunteers. Within … Continue reading

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Why is Barlow on Little Round Top?

Eager to step into the shade, I climbed into the 44th New York Monument at Gettysburg which poises on the southwestern edge of Little Round Top. It’s the largest regimental monument on the battlefield and is shaped like a mini … Continue reading

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Soldiers of Gettysburg: Winfield Scott Munson, 44th New York

His name was Winfield Scott Munson. He battled in Company E of the 44th New York Infantry as a private.[i] By sunset on June 2, 1863, this twenty-year-old lay dead on or near Little Round Top.

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Gettysburg Off the Beaten Path: Vincent’s Rock

Part of a series. Brigadier General Gouverneur K. Warren had been busy all of July 2nd. The early morning found him on the Federal right flank scouting the terrain for possible attack avenues in the Culp’s Hill sector. With the … Continue reading

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