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CW & Pop Culture: Superman in the Civil War

On May 22, 1863, Ulysses S. Grant prepared for his second assault against Vicksburg. “I fear that this shall be a long and bloody campaign,” Grant fretted in his diary. Among the troops moving into position, a regiment of Kansas … Continue reading

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What About What-If?

Our question of the week this morning, which dealt with a hypothetical what-if scenario, coincidentally touched on something that’s been on my own mind lately. Do you have your own favorite Civil War alternative history? If so, what is it, … Continue reading

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Review: “Stonewall Goes West” by R. E. Thomas

R. E. Thomas’s novel Stonewall Goes West has enough red flags flying high above it that I should have steered clear a mile away: it is self published, it is alternative history, it is based on a highly improbable “what … Continue reading

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