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Artillery: Primary Source – Practical Hints For Pointing

Here’s an section from Instructions for Field Artillery (1860). Found in the chapter on “pointing and range,” this excerpt gives tips for aiming cannons and using projectiles effectively in battlefield situations, particularly against cavalry. These paragraphs give an example of … Continue reading

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Artillery: Big Guns at Pulaski

“From the opening shots at Fort Sumter to the annihilating fire from Little Round Top against Pickett’s men and the months of bombardment at Petersburg, artillery played a role not really seen in American experience before the Civil War,” wrote … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 6/25-7/1/18

In your opinion, what is the most iconic artillery line or single cannon either on a battlefield today or in a Civil War photograph?

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Artillery: Finding An Artillery Manual

In his second inaugural address, President Lincoln observed, “Both [sides] read the same Bible, and pray to the same God; and each invokes His aid against the other.” He referred to a religious situation, but I meant no disrespect when … Continue reading

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Artillery: The Pulaski Light Artillery Battery’s Trial by Fire at Wilson’s Creek

ECW welcomes back Kristen Pawlak Before dawn on the morning of August 10, 1861, the men of Capt. William E. Woodruff’s Pulaski Light Artillery Battery prepared their breakfast of green corn foraged from the farm fields in the Wilson’s Creek … Continue reading

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Artillery: “When A Shell Came Shrieking Over…”

From the ECW Archives, here is Chris Mackowski’s short article and featured primary source about the effects of artillery during the Chancellorsville Campaign. (It was originally published in 2016.) Effects of a Shell

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Artillery: What’s On The Series Header?

Have you identified the location of the cannon featured on the header image for the Artillery Series? Today, we’ll reveal the location…

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Artillery: “As Though an Earthquake”: The Guns of Malvern Hill

George McClellan’s army was escaping! Dangerously exposed to enemy attacks, over 100,000 men, 280 guns, thousands of wagons, large numbers of wounded, and even a massive herd of beef were attempting to move safely to a new base on the … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 6/18-6/24/18

In your opinion, what are the top three Civil War battles where artillery made significant difference in the outcome?

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Artillery: Off The Beaten Path At Gettysburg

We looked through the ECW archives for some more artillery articles and found this one by Kristopher White from 2015. If you’re planning a trip to Gettysburg soon or interested in the Gettysburg history, it’s the perfect one to read. … Continue reading

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