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Civil War History & the Dallas Museum of Art: The Icebergs

(A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the Dallas Museum of Art in Texas. While wandering through the galleries, I kept finding interesting pieces of art with ties to the Civil War. Some pieces were created or … Continue reading

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Soldier-Artists and the Battle Experience (Part I)

This is the first of two posts regarding soldier-artists and their depictions of the experience of battle. “Pshaw. It’s no use, they can’t picture a battle,” exclaimed the young son of Reverend A. M. Stewart of the 102nd Pennsylvania Volunteers, a … Continue reading

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Battlefield Art—with National Geographic Magazine and Author Harry Katz

Emerging Civil War is pleased to join with National Geographic magazine to share with you some of the work of author Harry Katz, whose article “A Sketch in Time” is featured as the cover story of the May 2012 issue. In … Continue reading

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Drawing the War, Part 3: Frank Vizetelly

third in a series For those who think political correctness is the bastard child of the late twentieth century, artist Frank Vizetelly would strongly disagree. A mere sketch of retreating Union troops at the end of the Battle of First … Continue reading

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Drawing the War, Part 2: Edwin Forbes

second in a series Edwin Forbes may very well be the new Winslow Homer. Although mainly forgotten about for many years (like almost 150), apparently there is a resurgence of interest in this artist’s work.  Many pieces are offered online, … Continue reading

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Drawing the War, Part 1: Alfred Waud

first in a series In today’s world of instant messaging, instant downloads, iBooks, iPads, iPhones and iReporters, it is hard to imagine the difficulties of war reporting in the 1860s.  Embedded journalists, sending news by telegraph (some called it “the … Continue reading

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