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The “Fighting Naturalist” of the 19th Massachusetts

It was hot and muggy most of the time. It rained frequently and the men made acquaintance of the “wood tick,” and enumerable bugs and specimens of insect life hitherto unknown to them. The very earth moved with “new life.” … Continue reading

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Under Fire at Ball’s Bluff: “You Have Established Your Reputation”

“We crossed the river…under command of Colonel Lee, in all one hundred men, in a whale boat that would carry sixteen, and two small boats holding five and four respectively. I went over first, and found a steep bank one … Continue reading

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“We Made A Charge”: The 17th Mississippi Infantry at Ball’s Bluff

It was a battle that wasn’t really supposed to happen, and one combat that is often overlooked, though it had notable effects in 1861. A Union reconnaissance mission gone wrong launched the Battle of Ball’s Bluff on October 21, 1861, … Continue reading

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Felt As If a Horse Had Kicked Me

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Ball’s Bluff: “Has Sparta More?”

Recently, I came across some poems written about the Battle of Ball’s Bluff which was fought on October 21, 1861. This one was penned by a Union general from Massachusetts, Frederick Lander, and I’ve included a few historical notes after … Continue reading

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19th Century Asymmetrical Warfare: Privateering, the Savannah, and the Enchantress Affair

ECW welcomes back guest author Leon Reed. As early as his inaugural address, Confederate President Jefferson Davis warned the United States, and other shippers of the world, that he intended to authorize privateers, the traditional means of naval warfare engaged … Continue reading

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Ball’s Bluff National Cemetery

Way back in 2011, I had the privilege to walk the Ball’s Bluff battlefield with historian Jim Morgan and talk about his book on the battle, A Little Short On Boats, just then released. (You can read that interview here … Continue reading

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Dranesville: A Troubled Town, Part 3

Part three in a series. Part One is here, and Part Two is here.  War had come, and the people of Herkimer County, New York answered. Located towards the center of the state, the New Yorkers soon heard of Lincoln’s … Continue reading

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