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Echoes of Reconstruction: Black History Month and the Erasure of Black History

ECW is pleased to welcome back Patrick Young, author of The Reconstruction Era blog I remember taking my kids to visit Stone Mountain in Georgia around 1991. At the time, the “park” was a sort of Confederate Disneyland that mixed faux Civil … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: African American History Monument (Columbia, South Carolina)

A couple weekends ago I visited Columbia, South Carolina, for the first time. One of the evenings, I took a walk around the statehouse, admiring the architecture and exploring the monuments and statues on the capitol grounds. The African American … Continue reading

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The Pocket Diaries of Emilie F. Davis

Primary source documentation regarding the lives and daily experiences of black women during the Civil War and the preceding antebellum era is limited. Personal accounts of enslaved women can often only be found in the Federal Writers’ Project sponsored by … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: University Students Helping To Preserve Historic Huntertown

Huntertown, Kentucky, served as a community for freedmen after the Civil War. Located in Woodford County, the residents lived there through the early 2000’s. Now, a class at the University of Kentucky is taking steps to preserve the town as … Continue reading

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Henry O. Flipper: From Slavery to Freedom to West Point

“Mine eyes have seen the glory…” echoed an anthem associated with the arrival of freedom for enslaved families and their children across the South. For one nine-year-old, that song symbolized the “salvation” of freedom[i] and his life became a salute … Continue reading

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Robert Smalls and the Daring Capture of “Planter”

ECW welcomes guest author Scott L. Mingus, Sr. At dawn on May 13, 1862, an enslaved eight-man crew, with several family members and other friends onboard, brazenly stole the Confederate gunboat Planter and delivered her past unsuspecting Rebel forts and … Continue reading

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Every Free Able-Bodied Male Citizen: Another Example of Militia Readiness in Antebellum America Part IV

A few years ago, I wrote a series concerning antebellum militias in America. I gave a thoughtful introduction, explaining the state of local militias between the Revolution and the Civil War, then wrote about a northern militia group and a … Continue reading

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Echoes of Reconstruction: Black History/Black Resistance

ECW welcomes back Patrick Young, author of The Reconstruction Era blog Reconstruction began while the Civil War was still raging. As Black refugees from slavery reached Union lines, they forced the United States government to reconstruct the relations of slave and master … Continue reading

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The Black Brigade and the Defense of Cincinnati

Panic seized citizens of Cincinnati during the first days of September, as the potential consequences of the recent Confederate victory at Richmond, Kentucky became apparent. As defeated Federal soldiers retreated north toward Louisville, Queen City residents worried that Confederate general … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Preservation at New Market Heights

The following text is an official press release from American Battlefield Trust, shared on February 10, 2021.   PRESERVATION OF LAND AT NEW MARKET HEIGHTS HONORS THE VALOR OF BLACK CIVIL WAR SOLDIERS  American Battlefield Trust protects 22 additional acres … Continue reading

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