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Book Review: The Families’ Civil War: Black Soldiers and the Fight for Racial Justice

As Civil War history becomes more specific, books like Holly Pinheiro’s The Families’ Civil War use case studies of particular groups to show readers how the methods of microhistory are well-suited for issues relating to minorities, ethnicity, race, and gender. … Continue reading

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Nashville to Unveil New Civil War Trails Sign Recognizing the Service of African American Soldiers on December 15

Nashville, TN – Be part of history as we unveil a Civil War Trails sign at STEM Prep Academy on Thursday, December 15th at 10:00am. The community is invited to attend the event located at 1251 Foster Ave., Nashville, TN … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Black Civil War Soldier: A Visual History of Conflict and Citizenship

This handsomely produced, visually stunning book “examines the public’s memory of the Civil War and how the presence and lack of images of black soldiers influence our modern perceptions of the war in the archive.” Carefully curating a vast collection … Continue reading

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Echoes of Reconstruction: The Spread of Juneteenth Celebrations Throughout Texas

ECW is pleased to welcome back Patrick Young, author of The Reconstruction Era blog. I had never heard of Juneteenth until I was attending college in Buffalo, New York in 1977. Friends asked me if I was going to stay after … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: The Robinson House at Manassas Battlefield

On Henry House Hill at Manassas National Battlefield, the reconstructed Henry House dominates the scene and the attention for civilian stories. However, there is another important civilian story on the ridge line and, while interpreted with signage, it would still … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: African American History Monument (Columbia, South Carolina)

A couple weekends ago I visited Columbia, South Carolina, for the first time. One of the evenings, I took a walk around the statehouse, admiring the architecture and exploring the monuments and statues on the capitol grounds. The African American … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: University Students Helping To Preserve Historic Huntertown

Huntertown, Kentucky, served as a community for freedmen after the Civil War. Located in Woodford County, the residents lived there through the early 2000’s. Now, a class at the University of Kentucky is taking steps to preserve the town as … Continue reading

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Henry O. Flipper: From Slavery to Freedom to West Point

“Mine eyes have seen the glory…” echoed an anthem associated with the arrival of freedom for enslaved families and their children across the South. For one nine-year-old, that song symbolized the “salvation” of freedom[i] and his life became a salute … Continue reading

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New Sign Highlights Black History in Winchester

Adapted from a news release… During Winchester’s Juneteenth weekend a new Civil War Trails sign was unveiled at 15 North Cameron Street, on the ground of City Hall. The sign enables visitors to stand in the footsteps of the 19th … Continue reading

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Gordon Rhea’s Forthcoming Book – Stephen A. Swails: Black Freedom Fighter in the Civil War and Reconstruction

Perhaps Gordon C. Rhea’s award-winning books about the Overland Campaign line a shelf in your library. Perhaps you’ve been on a tour to see the places he’s written about. Perhaps you’re counting down the days until the ECW Symposium in … Continue reading

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