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Jayhawks, Mount Oread, Legends, and Lore: The University of Kansas and Its Deep Civil War Ties

From the famous rivalry with the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou) dubbed the “Border War” to the unique Jayhawk mascot, the University of Kansas (KU) has some of the most interesting traditions, mascot, and lore of all American universities. At any … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Fort Scott, Kansas (Virtually)

(Click here to go straight to the Virtual Tour) Fort Scott, established in 1842, was a frontier military outpost in Kansas, and it was garrisoned by the U.S. Army through 1853. In 1855, local settlers were allowed to purchase the … Continue reading

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“But with blood” – John Brown, Violence, and Abolition in Kansas

On a cold December morning in 1859 in a jail cell in Charles Town, Virginia, John Brown reflected on his role in the desperate fight for abolition. Less than two months prior, he had led a small army of 21 … Continue reading

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On The Trail with Sterling Price and John Brown

Recently I was “dragged”  on a family trip out to the far west….well, the Civil War far west, Kansas and Arkansas.  My friends and family who live in the region promised me “there are some really cool Civil War sites … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Cavalry Tactics: How Technology Drove Change (Part Three)

(part three in a series) In the Napoleonic system, the army’s mounted arm took multiple forms. There were: carabiniers, cuirassiers, dragoons, hussars, chasseurs, and lancers. Each had its own specific mission. Carabiniers were armed with dragoon carbines and sabers, and … Continue reading

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John Brown, Bleeding Kansas, and The Day After

“John Brown was one of the first Kansas heroes—or at least he was for me,” writes Steven Church in his book The Day After the Day After: My Atomic Angst. Last October, we offered a little ditty about John Brown’s beard as … Continue reading

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