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What do Ukraine and the Union Army Have in Common?

We’ve all seen them–the images pouring out of our TVs and computers of the Ukrainian refugees heading toward who-knows-where, carrying armfuls of cats. It seems as if Ukraine is an entire country of cat people! And well-behaved felines, too. I … Continue reading

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Resaca the cat at Resaca the battle

It’s interesting what sometimes happens in battles–in the middle of a holocaust of death and destruction, an event of extreme contradiction occurs. At Resaca, one of those events occurred. As the gunners of Cobb’s Kentucky Battery worked feverishly to pour … Continue reading

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Fort Sumter’s Cat Jack: the Cat that Went to War

I have often wondered exactly why the point of view of animals in any historical situation is of any interest whatsoever. Everyone knows animals really have no well-defined point of view. Anthropomorphizing animals is one of the things all “pet … Continue reading

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